Thursday, December 28, 2006

Look Who Got Another Park Named After Him

If you wondered why Al Polin expressed no disappointment over the loss of the children's park next to 300 East named after him, you need look no further than the newly-renamed park at 29th & Talbott Street. IndyParks, without fanfare, recently erected this sign above naming it the "Alfred E. Polin Playground." You may recall that Polin, along with neighborhood leader Claire Warner, blocked the Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association from taking a vote on the proposed 300 East bar in the Julia Carson Government Center despite vocal opposition from area neigbhors. The two later testified at the Metropolitan Development Commission hearing on the rezoning petition that the neighborhood supported the bar.

Mayor Peterson and the city parks department, of course, denied any role in the original decision to remove the playground equipment from the former Polin Park. IndyPark's website, however, listed it as a neighborhood mini-park. After the playground equipment was removed, the city added the following to the site's information on Polin Park, which still appears on the public website:

Due to the removal of the playground equipment at Al Polin Park, Indy Parks is searching for another suitable park location surrounding the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood to rename in honor of Mr. Al Polin.

We regret any inconvenience. Please check back.

The new Polin Park is actually listed on the site as the Talbott and 29th Street Park. There has been a small park at this site since 1973. Isn't it interesting how these things get worked out? Doesn't it instill confidence in our public processes? And who still thinks Mayor Peterson didn't have anything to do with this entire sordid affair?


Anonymous said...

And the last hurdle to liquor license granting is removed.

We're really doing well here. We're making Detroit AND Gary look good.

Now we just need Mayor Bart's relatives to front a retail establishment deal and the Petersons will be just like the McDermotts of Hammond.

Wilson46201 said...

"Honi soit qui mal y pense" will never be the motto of AdvanceIndiana and its acolytes ...

Wilson46201 said...

Find a lawyer to research who actually owned the little spit of land by 300 East Fall Creek that had been temporarily designated as Polin Park. It was Township property, noever city or county. Wasn't it Hammurabi who said that possession is nine points of the law?

Bart Peterson must be coming up for re-election in 2007 - GOP sycophants are desperately trying to find his hidden hand behind any and all scandals - and if there's no scandal? - manufacture one and blame him nevertheless!

Advance Indiana said...

Wilson, the sign speaks for itself:

"A Partnership Between The Following:
Indy Parks & Recreation
Crossroads Rehabilitations Services, Inc.
Center Township Trustee Office
The Department of Capital Asset Management"

The last I checked, the Mayor has responsibility for both the parks department and capital asset management. They didn't even bother to prepare a new sign for the new park--Crossroads Rehab hasn't had anything to do with it since it closed its day care center in the government center.

I've never seen a person willing to tell more lies for the good of your political cause than you, Wilson. Nobody's manufacturing anything up out of whole cloth except you--as always.

Recall that the first post I made about the Polin Park being torn down to make way for 300 East--someone from Carson's office logged on and made a post assuring folks that another park would be found nearby for the children and bear Al Polin's name. Those are the facts--which you obviously don't want to be confused with.

Advance Indiana said...

Also, here's what the Star's Will Higgins wrote about the fate of the park:

"Al E. Polin Park, at 300 E. Fall Creek Parkway, is being dismantled, its playground equipment removed by Indy Parks and placed in storage.

Coming soon in its place: a parking lot.

That is the plan of investors who hope to open a restaurant and bar in the Julia M. Carson Government Center, adjacent to Polin Park.

They'd call the place 300 East. But first they need additional on-site employee parking. The space occupied by tiny Polin Park fits the bill. They'd lease it from Indy Parks, which has signed off on the arrangement.

Polin, 69, is philosophical. "Time moves on," he said. "Changes have to be made, and you just have to accept it."

The operative words here being--"They'd lease it from Indy Parks, which has signed off on the arrangement." Did Will Higgins just make that up, Wilson?

Wilson46201 said...

Don't be so fast at accusing folk of making up stuff or "lying". You have never ever caught me lying because I am careful never to do so.

I lost a lot of respect for you when you accused me of driving around and scooping up huge piles of missing Kiser signs: considering I dont drive (never have) it showed that you are perfectly capable of making stuff up to fit your political bias. When you were caught making stuff up, you then changed your story to accuse me of being driven around to do the dirty work. Never happened! Once again, you blatantly lied. A pollworker on Election Day says they saw me remove 2 Kiser signs from the lawn outside my own polling place. From that story you inflated it into wholesale thievery and skullduggery. But honesty in the service of the GOP is no virtue, fabrication is no vice!

That sad episode showed that your blind hatred of all things African-American and Democratic will lead you into pure fabrication when it suits your purposes.

Anonymous said...

You have never ever caught me lying because I am careful never to do so


[Pepsi -> Nose -> Keyboard & Monitor]

Look at this he even lies about lying!

Wilson46201 said...

When I'm downtown tomorrow, I'll stop by the plat room of the Center Township Assessor and research for you-all the property ownership history of that spit of land. I dunno who owned it before Indianapolis Insurance bought it - I also don't know when the street rerouting chopped up that block thus creating that spit. I'll have the info tomorrow - I'm too cheap to do it online!

Advance Indiana said...

And you continued to deny the eyewitness account of the person who saw you tearing down Kiser signs. I know that person, and I would believe him over you any day.

Wilson46201 said...

I didnt deny the 2 Kiser signs at School 101 - and nobody could have seen me tear down any others elsewhere because I tore down no others elsewhere! You were the one accusing me of driving around and massively destroying signs: where did that little figment of your imagination pop up from? Your secret anonymous buddy too?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, by opening his mouth, or in this case, keying a few strokes on the keyboard, is able to sum up everything that is wrong with Marion County government. No accountability whatsoever, and when confronted with facts, more excuses than a teenager who misses curfew as to why things are so screwed up. How does he sleep at night?

indyernie said...

"Wilson, by opening his mouth, or in this case, keying a few strokes on the keyboard, is able to sum up everything that is wrong with Marion County government. No accountability whatsoever, and when confronted with facts, more excuses than a teenager who misses curfew as to why things are so screwed up. How does he sleep at night?"

Wilson knows what’s wrong with Indy because he associates with those who have screwed it up.
But won't except blame.

Wilson46201 said...

...and some folk just hurl unsubstantiated charges while hiding behind a mask of anonymity - but whoever said the GOP was the "Party of Personal Responsibility"? Were they nameless and faceless too?

btw , the spelling is "accept", not "except".

indyernie said...

Wilson quit lying.
You've taken my photo with Ms Carson.
You've talked to me in person.
I do use my real name.

Hell even Gary can tell you that I use my own name.

Any other lies that you feel the need to spread?

indyernie said...

Thanks for the spelling lesson.

Wilson46201 said...

I was railing about the "Anonymous" at 7:42pm - accusations are easy to hurl when hiding one's identity. Who gives a damn about the opinions of a coward too ashamed even to use a pseudonym?

indyernie said...

What's the relevance of using a pen or false name?
The info is still truthful or a lie.
Same point is made.

Citizen Kane said...

Riddle me this - If the park was not owned by Indy Parks, why did Tim Ochs have to obtain consent from Joe Wynns, Director of Indy Parks, to file the original petition?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I know you'll stoop to really low levels to discredit someone with whom the Center Township establishment has lost confidence or favour. I've personally witnessed it and seen the results of the nonsense.

And it wasn't two Kiser signs on E. 10th. St. at that school--it was several. It's illegal to remove even one. (Why was it even ONE, huh? Were you that insecure? Your lady was going to win by a ton. It made no difference. You hid like a little schoolgirl.)

But even I didn't think you'd blindly back up the Drummer crapolla on 300 East.

He got the permits improperly, or oversaw same.

He didn't get a valid lease, and hood-winked his own township board to do so.

He didn't seek neighborhood input--regardless what Clara Warner was paid or promised, she did his bidding by refusing to allow a vote.

This is a sham wrapped in crap wrapped in silliness.

It isn't the bar, Wilson--it never was. It isn't even the Park, altho it's all goofy.

It's the PROCESS. Something you and your former bosses used to care about, before big-time power hit them.

It's shameful. Almost as shameful as your repeated dirt-gathering missions against anyone who opposes them. And, again, for gentle readers: thus the reason for anonymity. My Center Township property values aren't affected by this Bar, so I shouldn't care, but I do.

Wilson46201 said...

Why not use your own name? By now I've figured out you are somebody who had a simply awful month of May! You use your own name elsewhere but here you post anonymously. You are not ignorant or uninformed like the usual wingnuts this blog so attracts nowadays. Afraid to take responsibility for your remarks? It's so easy to have deniability when using "Anonymous".

indyernie said...

"You are not ignorant or uninformed like the usual wingnuts this blog so attracts nowadays."

Jezz Wilson, If that's not the kettle calling the pot, burnt...

Wilson46201 said...

point proven!

indyernie said...

Wilson, My point is, you seem to be here quite often. You seem to think that those that read and respond here must be ignorant or uninformed. I differ with you in that thought...most are well informed and quite pleasant. You however would be defined as (lets look in Indyernie’s Dictionary) Ahh here it is,
Wilson Allen (wil' son al len) n. one who is nasty, ignorantly opinionated, viciously socialistic, objectionably retarded and very uninformed, i.e. a Democrat.

Wilson46201 said...

Q.E.D. - again!

staterepsouthindiana said...

Wilson, you are the biggest moron I've ever met in my life. As a state rep, I've met plenty, but you take the cake no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that Wilson has no idea how badly Carl Drummer talks about him behind his back.

Anonymous said...

Anon 742 is spot on.

Wilson is a tool.

What kind of deal did Fart make with the devil? Really. How can he have NO COMMENT on so many things that are wrong with the city. He IS the mayor - and he should stand up. It is disgraceful. Fart will run in 2007, but he has no intentions of serving the entire term, he has his sights on other things. I say good luck to him, you can't run from what you won't address. The city is a mess and the buck stops with the mayor.

Anonymous said...

12:16 is spot-on, too...and Drummer is not the only public official who speaks ill of WA after sending him on a dumpster/dirt mission.

And, not sure who you THINK I am, Wilson, but my May was pretty good. But my August, broken into, argument with the IRS, grumpy know the drill. And I post anonymously on two blogs. Don't use my name. The boss might get grumpy again.

Things are usually not quite as they appear, Wilson. But have a good one anyway.

Anonymous said...

And, not sure who you THINK I am, Wilson, but my May was pretty good.

Wilson has the notion that everyone who posts anon here and opposes his viewpoint is either Darla Williams or Jocelyn Tandy.

Anonymous said...

The Ghetto Mafia talks about Wilson like he's a lump of shit, yet he spends his time defending them -- a sign that he is really out of touch.

Their treatment of him is really similar to the way they treat the rest of their constituents, but Wilson has "no life" and has not "moved on" or gotten smart like other previous supporters who got tired of being shit on by the ghetto mafia.

Wilson is really pathetic, which is why I just ignore him.

His presence on this blog does nothing for the quality of conversations and several other blogs refused to allow him to participate.

Wilson46201 said...

The only blog that has blocked me is Darla William's IMR but we all know she is so busy irresponsibly attacking and smearing other folk that she can't even pay her own property taxes ... some example of civic leadership! She's a lawyer who is so seemingly destitute that she lets her taxes slide even after being called out for it. Let her criticize government when she starts paying her fair share.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as much as I don't like it, anyone can criticize, Wilson. Even if they haven't paid their fair share.

We, however, are free to judge their remarks, based on whatever criteria we choose.

You seem to choose tax payments as a disqualifier on all things governmental, if they're not paid.

It's your right to so choose. But you are probably in the minority. (Maybe not--I really don't know!)Just what you've always wanted--to be a minority!

indyernie said...

"Let her criticize government when she starts paying her fair share."

I served with men and women in the early 70's who were "Gay", and they served honorably.

Wilson, I've asked you on another blog "When did you serve".
Your response each time was "I'm Gay and was not able too".

Sounds like a convenient excuse to me.

Until you've paid your fair share the same could be said for you.