Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Abdullah Folds Opposition To 300 East

Proving once again how out of touch he is with his own constituents, City-County Councilor Patrice Abdullah (D) has folded his opposition to 300 East. Abdullah cites lack of direction from his constituents as the reason for his change of heart. The Star reports:

Abduallah, who has said all along his intent is to use his influence to do his constituents' bidding, says he's frustrated by their lack of direction.

He personally opposes the serving of alcohol in the building but "at this point," he says, "it's not fair for (the investors) to hold out and keep waiting."

Addullah thinks "it's not fair" to the investors to delay the project. And these would be the same investors who have arrogantly thumbed their nose at the law and the surrounding neighbors from the very beginning of this project? What Abdullah is really saying is he's not taking any chances on his political future by taking on this group of political insiders, which includes Lacy Johnson, Bill Mays and Monroe Gray, who are determined to walk all over the rules all the rest of us are expected to follow in order to get what they want for themselves.

Abdullah showed extremely poor judgment when he originally opposed Indianapolis' Human Rights Ordinance in 2005 despite the significant number of his constituents who are gay and lesbian. When gays and lesbians attempted to engage him on the issue, he expressed anti-gay bigotry based on his religion--Islam. Only after he realized that his re-election was being jeopardized by his alienation of such a large number of his constituents did he finally switch position and support the HRO last year. Abdullah faces re-election next year.

The Star's Will Higgins also continues his campaign to cover up the investor's and Carl Drummer's wrongdoing with respect to 300 East by ignoring the laundry list of illegalities associated with the bar's undertaking. He also tries to cloud the issue by deliberately trying to make it look like the neighborhood's position is unclear. He writes today:

Despite several neighborhood meetings that have focused on the matter, it remains unclear how the majority of the neighbors feel about the plan. Some object to opening a bar in the neighborhood. Others consider the restaurant/bar sound economic development and support it.

The Carson building is on the south end of the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood. Residents there have discussed the restaurant/bar at their monthly meetings since August but have not reached a consensus. At their October meeting, the debate grew heated. But the group's interim president, Clara Warner, who favors the restaurant/bar, refused to sanction a vote.

Following that meeting, the investors postponed their commission hearing in order to allow the neighborhood group time to reach a collective opinion. Earlier, in September, Patrice Abduallah, who represents the area on the City-County Council, had secured a postponement for the same reason.

The neighbors met again in November, with longtime neighborhood leader Al Polin standing in for Warner. Polin refused even to sanction a discussion of the matter.

If Higgins attended those meetings, he should be well aware of the neighborhood opposition to the bar. It's obvious to everyone else that the investors used their clout with the neighborhood association leaders to prevent a vote from taking place. And what about the fact that the investors now say it's going to be a family restaurant by putting a railing between the bar and the dining area? Give me a break. Do you think these folks plan to operate a smoke-free dining establishment for late night operation? If you believe that, then you also believe in the tooth fairy.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how the Ghetto Mafia bought Patrice's silence? Makes one wonder who they had recruited to run against him in the 2007 elections.

Wilson46201 said...

Much of the so-called "neighborhood opposition" comes from just one vocal peripatetic renter and ranter who has lived nearby for only a couple of years. She hasn't been a property owner herself for almost 20 years now ...

The voters of Center Township spoke loudly and clearly about this faltering GOP campaign issue by a 3-to-1 margin - they gave Trustee Drummer Drummer a landslide and a mandate.

Wilson46201 said...

Will this zoning hearing be broadcast live on local government Channel 16 ? I know it'll be recorded and replayed frquently...

Gary R. Welsh said...

It should be live.

Anonymous said...

and a mandate.

In that case perhaps Carl Drummer needs to acquire the house next door to you (eminent domain!) and put a bar in there.

Wilson and Sweet Pea are going to be the only crackers allowed in the place.

Anonymous said...

?? Peripatetic ??
Walking about or from place to place; traveling on foot.
Peripatetic Of or relating to the philosophy or teaching methods of Aristotle, who conducted discussions while walking about in the Lyceum of ancient Athens.


Either way - if the opposition is just 1 person - why has the neighborhood not voted on it with a result of everyone vs 1 ?

Anonymous said...

The bar will have to be smoke free because it opens into an office building. Check the ordinance summary:

Anonymous said...

Wilson he piled on Dickerson's insane attempt to make this a Congressional campaign issue. It never was a Cong. campaign issue.

So lay off it, Wilson. It's not about that any more. Your lady won. Congrats to her. Voters did not re-elect Drummer on this issue. Fuhgettaboutit. He was re-elected by 6:02 a.m. Nov. 7. Sheer numbers.

The appropriate neighborhood association did not vote on this issue, for some ridiculous reason. Their leader was sidetracked and Mr. Polin then weighed in. I don't know the politics of that association, but my mind is racing with the possibilities.

Councillor Abdullah said, from day one, loudly and clearly, he wanted direction from the neighborhood. He said it loudly enough, that the Center Twp. Democratic Code was broken, and everyone knew what he meant. He now has his cover--the association was silent. Strangely.
You do the math on why they are silent. The possibilities are not pretty at all.

(Patrice's opposition to the HRO was understandable, if regretable. Can we move past that vote now? I refuse to beat up anyone any more for their opposition to that law. It passed. It's on the books. Stupid reasons abounded for opposition to that ordinance. Miss Carson and the Mayor worked the phones hard for that ordinance, to their eternal credit.)

We're all missing the boat here. This petition should be rejected because: the petitioners arrogantly ignored the process and obtained illegal building permits (which should be thoroughly investigated). (Why isn't that being thoroughly investigated? Are we supposed to beleive that a lowly zoning desk clerk handed over those construction permits without direction? Mr. Brizzi....?)

What did our grandmamas always teach us about getting things you shouldn't have?

Ill-begotten gains are wrong.

These people used influence, raw political power and bullyish atittudes to get their due. They'll get the zoning today. They'll get the liquor permit. Sadly, that's the way it goes here.

This whole thing reaks. I hope the Landlord is proud of his actions. He fancies himself a good businessman. Which is laughable in this instance.

Anonymous said...

Patrice Abdullah does not live in his district. Let's recruit someone to run against him next elections and contest his residency.

That's what the other council members have on him and threatened to make it public if he didn't go along with them. Well guess what Abdullah, the public will know come election time.

Anonymous said...

"Not fair to the investors?" Considering the "investors" did not follow the proper permits and procedures is not fair to the PEOPLE!!

Leadership is a funny thing, the people who want it are afraid to do it.

There are days I just hate this place.

Wilson46201 said...

I am astounded at this new accusation (naturally by an anonymous commenter) (is that you, Jocelyn?) that Mr. Abdullah doesnt live in his District. I am not exactly a supporter of his but I do respect his years of service to his own immediate neighborhood - it is a pillar of his political strength. If he indeed moved away recently, he lost his base. The Districts as drawn often contain disparate communities - that's the problem he faces for re-election.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Mr. Abdullah lives in Haughville - in fact on the same street as my Grandmother. Unless he's moved recently, he's still within the ditstrict - just on the outskirts of it and no where near 300 East.

I live in the neighborhood and look forward to a restaurant/bar - my only concern is that the plans morph into something else over time (nightclub, whatever). Had it not been for Mays record with the Savoy and their blatant disregard for the law, I'd back the project 100%

But, their history leaves me some room for concern. Either way I think it's worth a shot - no one else has shown interest in doing anything in our area.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1128 - the bar ain't for everyone!!!! And, the area needs a grocery store more than a bar.

Anonymous said...

No one else has shown an interest in the area?

How about millions in Fall Creek Place, just across the river? (A lot of it, our tax money...and with a quid-pro-quo that the homes would all be gas heat, the most-inefficient and expensive kind of heat going, because "we" own the gas company)

How about Magic Johnson's new Starbucks on the corner?

How about the TAXPAYERS' investment in 300 East building when they bought it from the insurance company?

Look around. Objectively. Many neighborhoods in Indianapolis would kill for that kind of inevstment. There needs to be more.

There are multiple properties within a few blocks of 300 East that would've sufficed for this club, and helped the neighborhood more. (Specifically, the long-abandoned property just south of the western-most edge of the Carson Ctr. park lot) If your desire for investment is so strong that you'll accept this abortion of procedure, then your standards aren't very high.

The planning/permitting process in this community is corrupted and broken, period. Somebody just needs to stand up and own that fact, and give it a decent burial.
Let's all quit pretending that citizen input into Comprehensive Plans and zoning variances, makes any difference whatsoever.

Unanswered questions, now that they've probably gotten their zoning variance:

1. When can the public see the lease, Mr. Trustee, so we can determine if it is "market rate" and "market lease language" for your buddies?

2. Who's paying the increased insurance premiums for the building, now that a bar will be there?

3. Who is on the liquor permit now that the original petitioner got a DUI a few weeks ago?

Little things, I know, but troubling nonetheless.

Wilson46201 said...

Isn't it peculiar that all the folks calling for open government and disclosure all do so while hiding behind the mask of anonymity themselves?

Anonymous said...

Abdullah does not live at that residence. He lives on the eastside with the wife.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all spend your time talking about more important things like the selling of our state to corporations and the 'deals' being cut there?

Why don't you talk about this administration's TOTAL DISREGARD for the minority community?

Who gives a rat's butt about this damn 'bar'?

Anonymous said...

with a quid-pro-quo that the homes would all be gas heat, the most-inefficient and expensive kind of heat going, because "we" own the gas company

[OFFTOPIC ALERT] I don't quibble on your statement gas is expensive. However the other choice - electric - is generated by none other than natural gas or coal. I'd love to have a corn burner, though unless you live in the sticks it's really not that practical right now.

Anonymous said...

to corporations

Page 18b of "How to blog like a Looney Liberal". Use the word "corporation" as if its an expletive. Unless you're a streetside panhandler or welfare mooch, then the job you have is likely due in part to some corporation in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it peculiar that all the folks calling for open government and disclosure all do so while hiding behind the mask of anonymity themselves?

Most of us have allergies. Namely to lead. Speaking out against the Ghetto Mafia tends to send lead flying towards you.

Anonymous said...

Wilson Jocelyn is not the blogger on this one.

Wilson46201 said...

Hailstone - care to back up your casual charge about the "lead" flying from some Indianapolis politicians or is it just your usual bloviating bullshit and crap ? By now you surely have brought your charges to the attention of the FBI and Carl Brizzi (not to mention the State Police). Not even paranoid Jocelyn makes such accusations and she's about as flaky as they get! I'm sure your buddies at FreeRepublic get their jollies at hearing your fables about the terrible dangers you face in Indianapolis from Black Democrats!

Anonymous said...

care to back up your casual charge about the "lead" flying

Not to you I don't have to back up shit. With any respectable police agency they require a high school degree. So why does a certain constable have a deputy constable that's a high school dropout? Just to play with their cars with red lights? Just gangstas with badges.


Damn right I'm a Freeper.

your usual bloviating bullshit and crap

You do enough bloviating for all of us Tokyo Rose. Now run along to TDW where someone might actually listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Hailstone - and with the help of 'corporations' we're winning the war in Iraq, too! God bless all the corporations - may they multiply and take over the world!

Wilson46201 said...

The Township Constable is an elected position - Tony Duncan was overwhelmingly chosen by the voters - "Sir Hailstone" is a figment of his own anti-democratic pseudo-monarchist imagination. His only existence is to scan the blogs and then bullshit against popularly elected Democratic leaders...

Wilson46201 said...

P.S. The zoning variance was granted by a 6 - 3 vote.

Anonymous said...

A travesty, but predictable.

Wonder if King Ro will lobby his fellow councillors on this one, if it's called down?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

At least some members voted against it.

Anonymous said...

Who's payroll is idiot 3:36 pm on.
Center Township has a majority Democrat voting record. But, 29% of voters in Center Township voted on November 7th a straight party ticket, and 32% in the county. Clear indication the voters were not impressed with either party ticket. Overwhelming victory no? I don't think so. More reporting by the media after the election. Looks like they all sat on information until now. voters were hoodwinked yes!

Wilson46201 said...


27A KENT BRADLEY SMITH (REP). . . . 5,289 21.63
27B MARK "TONY" DUNCAN (DEM). . . . 17,654 72.21

Kinda overwhelmingly in favor of Tony it looks like...

Gary R. Welsh said...

And Patrice got 83% of the vote in his council district race. Harold Washington was convicted of income tax evasion by Gov. "Big Jim" Thompson, who argued Washington had never filed an income tax return his entire adult life, including after becoming an attorney. Washington went on to become Chicago's first African-American mayor. His election, in my mind, in no way excused his transgressions. He would never get my vote, but in Chicago, being an ex-con is no disqualification to public office--as long as your a Democrat. That's the way it's been in Center Township for decades, and that's the way it may become in Marion County.

Anonymous said...

That's the way it's been in Center Township for decades, and that's the way it may become in Marion County.

That's the way it is in Lake County too.