Friday, March 10, 2006

Kiser's Campaign Manager Departs

Kris Kiser's campaign manager has departed his campaign according to Indiana Legislative Insight. We first reported on February 28 that Kris Kiser's campaign manager for his 7th District congressional primary race against Rep. Julia Carson (D) was not held in high favor with other Democratic leaders. We wrote then, "Advance Indiana has also learned from a reliable source that the person Kiser has chosen to manage his campaign is not held in high favor with many Democratic leaders because of his past involvement in other campaigns, notably a congressional campaign in northern Indiana."

A post from an anonymous person confirmed what we wrote about Kiser's campaign manager and further asserted that he had left Kiser's campaign under a cloud, among other less than flattering assertions about the man Kiser has chosen to run his campaign. And now the highly respected Indiana Legislative Insight confirms the campaign manager's departure when it writes in its March 13 edition, "As we understand it, former Rep. Mike Marshall (D)--who raised a lot of eyebrows when he ran the 2004 CD 02 campaign of Joe Donnelly (D)--is no longer a member of the CD 07 campaign management team for challenger Kris Kizer (D)."

Kizer's campaign now appears to be running on fumes in the aftermath of The Word's endorsement of his candidacy and the backlash it caused in the GLBT community. Some observers are beginning to speculate that Kiser will drop his campaign altogether in advance of May's primary rather than endure the drubbing he is likely to take at the polls against Carson.


Anonymous said...

Kiser's name will still appear on the ballot in May. It is too late to withdraw officially. He will take a drubbing and he will have squandered beaucoup bucks...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Kiser still is claiming his DC resident homestead exemption for his Washington condos. This allows him to receive tax breaks in DC while he's claiming to be a resident of IN congressional district 7. If one goes to the website (see bleow) and queries the tax assessment for 1307 and 1309 T Street NW, his homes, you see that he's receiving the full exemption.

If he's residing in IN, shouldn't he be paying taxes here and not receiving tax credits in DC?