Monday, March 20, 2006

Feingold Wants To Help Welsh Unseat Pence

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), a potential 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, plans to target 10 Democratic congressional hopefuls for extra help in this year's election. According to Sherri Welsh, wife of 6th District congressional candidate Barry Welsh (D) (no relation to AI Editor Gary R. Welsh), her husband is one of the candidates Feingold wants to help.

Sherri Welsh posts on an Illinois blog, SoapBlox, that her husband recently received a phone call from Sen. Feingold's staff. She writes, "Barry explained that Senator Feingold had a goal of helping 10 well qualified congressional candidates by recognizing them on his website and thru communications that one would eventually get picked to reward, WOW – I was tempted to say, are you SURE that it was Russ Feingold – THE Senator?? But I knew better than that." There's more about her hitting a deer, but we'll omit that part of her post.

While Welsh may be getting support from Feingold, he isn't expecting much from the Indiana Democratic Party according to his wife. Welsh writes, "The state party is underfunded as we all are, but they are not shuting (sic) us out. There are more districts than employees at state party headquarters. They will do what they can, but there won't be financial help." She adds, "There is a strong statewide Indiana Progressive PAC, which includes all state PAC's but they can't legally help Barry much because of FEC laws."

His wife indicates that her husband's expectations of unseating the popular incumbent, Pence, are realistic. She said, "I asked Barry this morning if he was going to win this thing. He said he would be crazy to say we were going to win, but we can win! He's right. We are on the way to winning, but there is still much work to do."

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