Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Indiana Congressman Criticizes NSA Unconstitutional Surveillance Of Citizens

Other than Sen. Joe Donnelly's untruthful defense of the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens, Indiana's congressional delegation has been largely silent despite all the revelations as of late. One Indiana congressman, U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, has stepped forward to criticize the program. He told listeners during a radio talk show interview that he felt the NSA's actions crossed the "bright line" of the Fourth Amendment the Northwest Indiana Times is reporting.
U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Indianapolis, accused the National Security Agency Monday of violating constitutional protections against unlawful searches following disclosures the spy agency collected and stored the telephone and Internet records of all Americans.
The Munster native, whose Congressional district includes Newton and Jasper counties, said during an Indianapolis radio interview the NSA's intelligence gathering crossed the "bright line" of the Fourth Amendment.
"Why does the government have to possess every one of our phone calls everyday in order to keep us secure?" Rokita asked. "It may be less convenient for them to go get a probable cause warrant or a reasonable suspicion warrant or even issue one themselves and then go to the private-sector possessors of this data. But that is the line. That is what you're supposed to do."
"You don't just get blanket information on all of us, suspect or not, and then decide whether or not you want to use it," he added.
Rokita said he doesn't know if Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked evidence of the PRISM surveillance program, is a traitor to the United States as former Vice President Dick Cheney claims.
At the very least Snowden is a felon and should be prosecuted, Rokita said. At the same time, he continued, everyday Americans and even most members of Congress never would have learned of the programs without Snowden's disclosures.
"Am I glad that this came out? Absolutely. Do I think he caused this country irreparable harm by showing what this government is doing? Absolutely not," Rokita said. "The fact is now America knows this information and we have a chance to determine whether or not we care."
The media has still ignored the comments Sen. Joe Donnelly made on Amos Brown's radio talk show during which he lied by claiming that the NSA does not obtain the content of our e-mails and phone calls. Brown did not challenge Donnelly's claims despite numerous contradictory reports proving otherwise. Instead, we got this bullshit about how we need this type of surveillance to protect us from attacks like the Boston Marathon "bombings", which as we now know worked fabulously if your goal is to trick the American people into giving up their constitutional rights. Donnelly claimed that the surveillance had successfully stopped at least one terrorist attack, a claim the government has since upped to "dozens" of terrorist attacks thwarted.

In case you've been asleep, the disclosures of NSA surveillance proves definitively the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag attack and that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are merely patsies the government is framing for an attack planned and plotted by our own government. The government knew more than two years prior to the attack that the Tsarnaevs were supposedly suspected of engaging in terrorist activities but somehow managed to miss what they were doing despite the fact that they were gathering the content of all of their e-mail and telephone exchanges, as well as the sites they visited on the Internet.

What is remarkable is that U.S Rep. Andre Carson, one of only two Muslim members of Congress, has remained silent while two members of his own faith have been set up and blamed for a crime they never committed, one of whom is dead, the other seriously wounded and a third man executed during an unlawful interrogation by an FBI agent. It makes you wonder what information the government has gathered on him and the only other Muslim member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Keith Elliston, who has similarly remained silent.

We continue to have rubbed in our faces the false stories of the so-called victims of the Boston bombings. Christian Williams has given conspiracy theorists plenty of fodder after images and video taken immediately following the bombing seemed to clearly depict him placing prosthetic devices on double amputee Jeff Bauman before later laying down and pretending to be seriously injured. The Daily Mail now has a story telling about he and his girlfriend, Caroline Reinsch, are expecting a child. According to the story, Caroline, who we're now told was pregnant at the time of the bombing, also sustained injuries in the attack even though she is nowhere to be seen in the photos of Williams.
Reinsch, 39, and Williams, 41, who met through Williams' sister years prior, attended the marathon on April 15 to cheer for a friend. They settled beneath the flags near to the finish line.
As the terrifying blast went off, Williams' legs and right hand were ripped open, and Reinsch suffered a bloody hole in her thigh and a split quad muscle.
Images from the day show her being rushed away on a stretcher, while Williams is seen on the ground; she went to Faulkner Hospital and he was taken to Beth Israel.
'Is there a possibility you are pregnant?' an X-ray technician asked her when she arrived at the hospital, and she answered that no, she didn't think she was.
The couple told the Globe they had been trying to conceive since last fall without any luck.
When she left the hospital after 11 days, her first stop was Beth Israel, where she had an emotional reunion with her boyfriend, who was coming out of his sixth surgery. 

He had survived the blast but doctors were still trying to save his right leg.
A few days later, her doctor called to talk over her discharge papers, the Globe reported. 
 'Did they give you a pregnancy test?' the doctor asked, adding that records showed a 'slight positive' for pregnancy. It was too early to tell if she was pregnant, but it looked possible, the doctor said . . .
Taking Rahm Emanuel's advice to never let a crisis go to waste, Christian and Caroline have set up a fundraising site for themselves on Gofundme.com, which has so far netted them over $106,000 in donations. Williams has a website promoting his skills as "an award-winning art director." Curiously, Christian Williams looks strikingly similar to Jon Patsavos, who worked as a senior aide to Sen. John Kerry before he became Secretary of State earlier this year. Patsavos tweeted on April 19, 2013: "Been in lockdown at hospital all day waiting for Caroline to get out of surgery. What a great staff and team here!"
Injured: Williams can be seen on the ground near the marathon finish line following the blast on April 16
Christian Williams striking a pose in the aftermath of the supposed "bombing" near the finish line

Joy: Christian Williams and Caroline Reinsch learned they are expecting their first child after suffering leg injuries and being rushed to hospital following the Boston bombings
Christian Williams (hoodie guy) and Caroline Reinsch

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