Saturday, June 08, 2013

NSA Whistle Blower Discusses Federal Government's Illegal Spying On Americans

William Benney is an NSA whistle blower who has been speaking out for quite some time now about the agency's gathering of every single e-mail communication sent by Americans using the Internet and archiving it for future use in the event someone in the government decides they want to target you for prosecution. It's not just private citizens whose e-mails are being captured. Benney says at the time he left the NSA they were building social network profiles on every single American using this data. The data collection includes all government employees and members of Congress, not just private citizens. Benney believes that both Gen. John Allen and Gen. David Petraeus were targeted in this fashion to uncover e-mails they had exchanged with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. This is much worse than J. Edgar Hoover's snooping into the private lives of prominent politicians and celebrities. It is commonly believed now that Hoover was able to remain in power for so many decades under so many presidents because of damaging information he gathered on them for blackmail purposes. Those who control access to this vast database of information can always use a person's private communications to blackmail or destroy them. Watch Benney's full interview with RT to learn more. He discussed the new storage facility being built in Bluffdale, Utah to store the massive quantities of information being gathered daily.

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