Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lawrence Explosion Mystery

Folks in Lawrence last night heard a loud explosion, saw flames shooting into the air and even smelled natural gas, but when officials investigated the calls from alarmed residents, they found nothing. The source emanated from an area south of Geist Reservoir. WRTV reports:
Lawrence officials were working to pinpoint the source of an explosive sound on the city’s northeast side Tuesday night after receiving many phone calls from residents who were concerned.
Officials said calls of large flame sightings and the smell of natural gas started pouring in before 10 p.m.
Scanner traffic indicated the incident happened in the 10000 block of Oswego Drive on the south side of Indian Lake, which is south of Geist Reservoir.
Crews that were combing the area were not able to find anything, but residents told authorities they felt something.
Battalion Chief Dino Batalis with the Lawrence Fire Department said he was confident this was not a false alarm even though officials had not found the source.
"We had several calls that came in with the same story about an explosion that shook houses and dishes. One neighbor even said it knocked prescription drug bottles off their counter," Batalis said. "People said they smelled gas, a propane tank would not have that magnitude in that big of an area. We have had several units all over this area and we have covered the entire Indian Lake, the body of water and we have been down every street and have found nothing. We have been here over an hour and right now we are starting to release units."
Batalis said authorities were not concerned because if something was that active, they would have found it in the hour they spent searching.
Residents were advised to call dispatch if they hear or smell anything else.

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Covenant60 said...

Someone just passed gas up there is all.