Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Washington Insiders Bracing For Lugar's Defeat

Washington political columnist Paul Bedard tells his readers that Washington insiders now believe that six-term incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch will prevail in his tough primary race in Utah. It's Indiana's Sen. Richard Lugar that is keeping the Washington insiders up late at night:

...Washington Republicans aren't worried about [Utah Senator Orin Hatch] keeping his seat. All of that fear is being directed at embattled Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, who faces a primary fight in two weeks with state Treasurer Richard Mourdock.
It's no secret that Hatch, after watching the Tea Party crush his fellow Utah Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010, remade himself into a conservative firebrand while Lugar chose to sell his experience to voters. It's not working and the GOP is bracing for his primary defeat.
Hat tip to HoosierPundit.

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