Monday, April 02, 2012

Justice Sullivan Stepping Down To Teach Law

No sooner had Mark Massa been sworn in as the newest member of the Indiana Supreme Court than Justice Frank Sullivan announced he was stepping down to join the faculty of Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis (No, I won't refer to my alma mater by that other name-never). Sullivan's unexpected departure will give Gov. Mitch Daniels the opportunity to appoint his third member of the court, the most any governor has appointed during his tenure since Gov. Evan Bayh. Sullivan joined the court in 1993 as one of Bayh's appointees.

“I am honored to join the faculty at the Indiana University McKinney School of Law,” Sullivan said. “I have long admired the faculty of the law school and its commitment to the school’s students and to community service. I very much hope I can make my own contributions in those regards.”
Will the third time be a charm for a prospective female justice candidate? You can take it to the bank. If Daniels passed over a female candidate again, there would be a full blown revolt. To keep the peace, Daniels has no choice but to name a female candidate this time. Expect far more female candidates to apply for the third vacancy in a little more than a year, including several high profile attorneys at major law firms. The Judicial Nominating Commission still has the task of picking the next Chief Justice from the current justices to take Randall Shepard's place. Justice Brent Dickson, the most senior of the justices, is serving as the acting Chief Justice until a permanent replacement is named.


Covenant60 said...

what other name? IUPUI? It is not part of IUPUI. It's IU-Indpls Law School

Covenant60 said...

ok i get it. nvm

Marycatherine Barton said...

Just like Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington, is the name I use for my alma mater.l