Friday, April 27, 2012

Star Endorses McGoff In Fifth District Race

It's not the first time he's received the endorsement of the Star in his quest to represent Indiana's 5th congressional district, but Dr. John McGoff will take all the help he can get in winning his third bid for this seat in a very crowded primary race. The Star editorial board has wanted U.S. Rep. Dan Burton driven from office for some time, and McGoff was the first Republican to take up the challenge. The editors explain their choice of McGoff over what they viewed as "six credible candidates":

But from that talented lineup, there's one candidate -- Dr. John McGoff -- who edges ahead of the rest based on his professional and personal experience, his thoughtful stance on key issues such as health care, and his history of independent thinking.
McGoff, an emergency room physician and former Marion County coroner, is well-suited to help craft a federal approach to health care and health insurance, a task that may become even more essential if the U.S. Supreme Court in the weeks ahead overturns all or parts of President Obama's health-care law.
McGoff also displays a grounded, seasoned approach to issues of foreign policy and national defense. He's served in the National Guard for 29 years, holds the rank of brigadier general and now serves as chief of staff in the Indiana Guard.
Another factor strongly in McGoff's favor is that he jumped into the 5th District fray long before it became popular. McGoff not only challenged Burton in the 2008 GOP primary, he also made a strong showing that first revealed the incumbent's vulnerability. McGoff returned to the hunt in 2010, and Burton almost certainly would have been turned out of office then but for the fact that a bevy of challengers split the vote.
McGoff, perhaps because of his willingness to challenge a longtime incumbent, isn't the favorite of Republican bosses. McIntosh appears to be the anointed favorite. But his record speaks well of McGoff's ability to stand for what he thinks is right rather than what partisan leaders want.
That trait is often lacking in Congress, which needs more leaders with McGoff's experience, depth and independence.
The Star Editorial Board strongly endorses Dr. John McGoff in the Republican 5th district primary on May 8.
I have to say that I'm surprised by the Star's endorsement of McGoff. Most people expected them to back the only female candidate in the race, Susan Brooks, who has the backing of a lot of establishment folks.


Bill said...

Isn't a Star endorsement the kiss of death for a candidate? It does not surprise me, McGoff is the most liberal of all of those people running in the 5th.

Its easy to see why the Star did this, they tend to go with the most liberal candidate. Im also surpassed that they did not go with Brooks. Since her husband intimidated all of the CCC members to get their endorsements, it send that he would do the same hit the Star.

Gary R. Welsh said...

McGoff could hardly be described as the most liberal candidate in this field. Most people think Brooks' personal views are much more liberal than she's been portraying as a candidate. Seybold is way to the left of all of them on Second Amendment issues.

CircleCityScribe said...

Dr. John McGoff has demonstrated all of the qualities to be a great congressman. His service to others is above question, serving as an emergency room doctor.

His leadership as a General in the Indiana National Guard also brings a perspective of what course the U. S. government should take with Hoosier values in mind.

Dr. John McGoff has my vote!