Monday, April 16, 2012

McGoff Says He'll Uphold Constitution Unlike McIntosh

Fifth District congressional candidate Dr. John McGoff continues to be the opponent of front-runner former U.S. Rep. David McIntosh most willing to hit him hard and often on his failure to maintain a true residence in Indiana since he moved to Washington in 2005 to become a lobbyist for a powerful law firm. Today's press release reiterating McGoff's commitment to upholding the U.S. Constitution takes aim at McIntosh's residency problem.
"As a Brigadier General in the Indiana Air National Guard and Iraq War Veteran, I have fought to protect the same freedoms upheld by our Constitution for 225 years, and I will be the strongest advocate of Constitutional restraint if elected to Congress," McGoff said. "As recently as this month, President Obama questioned whether or not the Supreme Court had the authority to strike down an unconstitutional law, such as Obamacare. This disregard for Constitutional restraint has led to $15 trillion in reckless spending and a complete violation of everyday Americans' rights."

By contrast, McGoff's leading opponent, David McIntosh, dismissed the Constitutional requirement that he live in Indiana to run for Congress as merely "political." Yet, the Constitution in Article I, Section 2 clearly states, "No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen."

McIntosh's first public appearance since a complaint was filed with the Indiana Secretary of State's Office asking for an investigation of alleged voter fraud and perjury was at the Tipton County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner this past Saturday night. At the event, McIntosh told a crowd of over 300 people that he felt compelled to return to Indiana in order to run for Congress after residing in Virginia since 2005 because he felt that the U.S. Constitution was being ignored and trampled upon.

McIntosh recalled having breakfast with his wife, Ruthie, and looking at a Time magazine (July 4, 2011) cover featuring a shredded Constitution asking if the two-century old document still mattered.

"Blank [sic] yes it does, I told Ruthie," McIntosh reported. "Heck, yes it does. That's when I decided I needed to run for Congress again."

Lou Quinto, McGoff's campaign manager, responded, "McIntosh's willingness to disregard the Constitution is ironic because it gets in the way of his ambition. Despite his political ads and stump speech rhetoric, this will make it very difficult for him to take the moral high ground in the fight against Obamacare or any other government intrusions in the private lives of Hoosiers."

"Dr. John McGoff will fight to stop any attempt to pass legislation that violates the Constitution or increases excessive spending, such as Obamacare," said Quinto. "Unfortunately, Mr. McIntosh will have no grounds to stand up to power hungry politicians because he violated the Constitution himself. By choosing to live in an $850,000 Washington, D.C. home in order to work for a billion dollar lobbying firm, he disregarded the 225-year-old Constitutional requirement that he live in Indiana in order to run for Congress in Indiana."

"Voters need to ask McIntosh which other provisions of the Constitution he will cast aside as simply 'political.' The First Amendment right to free speech and the practice of religion, that has been so under fire? The Second Amendment right to bear arms? The 14th Amendment protections of states? Once you've compromised for personal gain, you have broken the law that protects every Hoosier and American," Quinto continued.


patriot paul said...

In a related way, McIntosh caught the eye of a Mr. Shultz, a public policy guy, who wrote the Indpls. Star's "My View" today of the hypocracy of candidates' statements.
"In a press event at the Indiana Statehouse, McIntosh touted his commitment to signing the U.S. Term Limit Amendment Pledge, an agreement to serve no more than three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and two terms in the U.S. Senate. The interesting part about McIntosh’s support for the pledge is that not only has he already served three terms in the House, but that, at the same press event, the former congressman violated his pledge by announcing that he would serve a maximum of six terms if elected."

One of the reasons the Tea Party exists is to stop the hypocracy. It is sickening for a candidate to live and work as a lobbyist in another state, then claim some sort of dual residency in Indiana in order to get elected. They wear Christianity on their sleeve and the Constitution across their heart, but they leave all that behind at the ballot box after they arrive in D.C. Sad for Hoosiers.

CircleCityScribe said...

I'm voting for John McGoff!

Pete Boggs said...

What's remotely "Constitutional" about the wording of the Wishard referendum?

CircleCityScribe said...

Pete Boggs:

The Wishard referndum was the MOST POPULAR referendum in the history of Marion County! It was ratified by an supermajority 84% of the votes!!!

-A constitutional amendment only requires 3/4 vote of the states.

But then, why are you bringing that into this thread, Pete Boggs?

Pete Boggs said...

Indy: Mr. McGoff's a fine man and more than sufficiently intelligent to understand the drafting process of that referendum did not include input from opponents, meaning the other side wasn't considered with any equity.

Drafting of that "popular" referendum was a corrupt process, period. What's so good about that deception that's predictably resulted in higher risk and rates, and a lowered Fitch rating.