Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lawmaker Mugged Overnight

Sen. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) learned first-hand overnight just how out of control Indy's crime has gotten. She was punched in the face and had her purse snatched from her arm as she left a CVS at 56th Street and Illinois on the city's northside according to WXNT. Errington was not seriously injured according to the report. Mayor Peterson is scheduled to deliver a major speech tonight announcing his plan to deal with the city's rising crime problem as he prepares to seek re-election to a third term this year.


Anonymous said...

Maybe NOW the mayor will take crime seriously! It is one thing when it is the little, tax-paying, peons of the city but an entirely different thing when it is a lawmaker!!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Wilson to blame it on the minority members of the CCC whose hands are tied by the Carson run machine of Marion County

Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood of 56th and Illinois and have my entire life. It has changed in the past two years for the worse. For instance, furniture and antiques were stolen out the Meridian Street Methodist Church recently. Its one block away. Two empty storefronts now exist on the east side of Illinois. The firestation has been "downsized". Broken streetlights in front of Chase Bank. Closed filling station at corner. Grafitti on dumpsters behind grocery store.

Mayor Peterson, help!!!

Anonymous said...

...but an entirely different thing when it is a lawmaker!!

Especially an out-of-town lawmaker!

Granted she's from Muncie (tongue-in-cheek) you know who just brought in a bunch of (washed up) Hollywood actors to work in their police department.

Wilson46201 said...

Could anonymous commenters please refrain from unfounded (and confusing) attacks on other commenters. It so cheapens the discourse here!

indyernie said...

"Could anonymous commenters please refrain from unfounded (and confusing) attacks on other commenters. It so cheapens the discourse here!"

Of all people this comes from you?

Wilson, "unfounded (and confusing) attacks" is all you ever post.

Wilson46201 said...

At least hailstone has the honesty of using a consistent pseudonym to hide behind for his attacks on other commenters but, even so, please chill on the unnecessary attacks on other commenters ...

Wilson46201 said...

Interestingly enough, Senator Errington is the former director of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

Anonymous said...

9:02, I live east of the neighborhood, but not far. Let's set the record straight:

1. Chase Bank has responsibility for those broken lights. City-wide Chase takes care of their buildings poorly.
2. The "empty storefronts" are leased and awaiting remodels or other upgrades. The corner has been a retail hotbed for decades.
3. The firestation is old, too-small and only holds certain equipment. Most of today's firefighting equipment is much larger. The lot is small, and the firehosue can't be expanded.
4. The filling station is closed because their recent clean-up of underground tanks was the cheaper kind...the kind that doesn't work. They've got to re-do it, and they'll install (finally) updated pumps. (good mechanics there)
5. The grafitti has been there for several years.

I'm very sad that Sen. Errington, a real lady, was exposed to Indy's worst side. But let's not fly off the handle here. This corner was and is vibrant, and the neighbors are leaving, only a few at a time, because of several reasons: property tax increases (for years, they were artifically low...now they're paying what they always should've), IPS, job transfers...but few are leaving because the neighborhood is "going to hell."

If you think it's going downhill, try to get a breakfast or lunch table any day at Food Emporium. And CVS just invested a tidy sum to remodel their store. Kincaid's is the best butcher in town, and Indy Monthly just recognized Emmitt as the city's best hairdresser.

I could go on...

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Senator Errington is the former director of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

Wilson - though it sounds good if you're watching "24" or an episode of "Law and Order" or in your mind that Right to Lifers are everywhere hiding in dark alleys - I doubt these thugs knew who she was from the man on the moon.

Anonymous said...

10:09, you seem to know a lot. I live within walking distance and have my entire life. The area is in a slow decline and thank goodness for the things you say...most are true. BUT we need to be ever vigilant and we DO need the city's help in retaining what's there. This needs to be a team effort in every respect.

You must know about the upticks in petty crime recently.

Anonymous said...

"Slow decline" 5:48? I've lived in the neighborhood for my entire life as well and it seems to have gotten consistently ritzier over the past decade. I would think the replacement of Banura's (an affordable and homey neighborhood joint) with Oh Yumm Bistro (nice but expensive) would be synecdoche for the larger changes in both Butler-Tarkington and Meridian Kessler. Come to think of it, every major commerical strip in those neighborhoods is much healthier today than it was ten years ago: The shops on Boulevard north of 38th are certainly fuller; the shops at 49th and Penn are thriving and have expanded; the entire College Ave area is exploding, including possibly a major new development around 49th and College. Senator Errington's mugging is obviously regrettable, but hardly representative.

Anonymous said...

"Interestingly enough, Senator Errington is the former director of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Indiana."

Then she should not worry too much about almost being killed. The only difference in a dead unborn baby and a victim being killed is that the victim was given a chance to breath and live on Earth while the unborn baby had no such chance.

Anonymous said...

9:02 am. I know you want your Mayor to help you, but don't count on it, honey.

Anonymous said...

"...property tax increases (for years, they were artifically low...now they're paying what they always should've)..."

Yea. To hell with an old couple on a fixed income! Seriously, if a couple lived in a home for four or five decades, why should they be forced to move because a bunch of blissninnie liberals move into the area and drive up housing costs? Hell, it shouldn't even affect old people. Why should anyone be nailed just because their home is magically worth more because some idiot thinks that area is now the "most live in" area of the city?

We really need property tax reform. The 2% cap is a start, but that needs to be tied to the purchase price of what the current resident paid for the home. That price should then only increase the amount that the dollar increases, not the "value" of the home because every idiot with a six-figure job has now "discovered" this must have area.

Anonymous said...

10:09. You make some good points. 56th and Illinois is a great corner. Thank you for pointing out what is really going on. You could think with the money that CHASE has, they could keep up with something as simple as street lights. You just gave me another point to add to my long list of reasons I refuse to do business with CHASE.

On another note, I am thinking seriously for the first time in my life of getting handgun training and a permit to carry one. As a single woman I do not like what I see going on in my neighborhood and on the Monon trail.

If the Mayor won't handle the problem and make sure I am protected, I feel I need to take the responsibility on myself. Sadly, that may mean I have to own a gun for the first time in my life.

The mayor needs to find a way to get these thugs off the street and keep them from breeding!

Anonymous said...

A bunch of head in the sand folks on this thread today, that's for sure.

I drive down illinois every morning at 4:30 to work, cut over to Capitol at 38th and then downtown.

Regularly a police saturation action is occurring. TODAY at 5 AM two police cars blocked Illinos clearly looking for somebody!!!

I no longer stop at red lights that time of day.

We have a crime problem. Don't kid yourselves and its closer than you think. The data are no secret.

The shops on Boulevard north of 38th are NOT fuller. I used to stop at the coffee and tea guy. Great place. He was robbed and is now out of business and the window is busted.

Anonymous said...

"Senator Errington's mugging is obviously regrettable, but hardly representative."

Speak for yourself. Crime is a problem in the area. I guess some students were robbed in the area this past year. A student poster to one blog/message board said that their group heard the gun shots (the perps gave a warning shot). There were two attacks on the Monon Trail, one a big south, the other right near Kessler (sp?). Even when I lived in Broad Ripple they were smashing into cars on Wintrop plenty of times. Add to that the two rapes (I think one was an attempt, not sure of the other) that took place near Broad Ripple.

The #1 problem is that the inner city is filled with too many poor people anymore. These folks don't have money. Traffic laws in Marion Co. are a joke, so driving while suspended to pick a mark doesn't even get a second thought.

The mayor had some good ideas, but until the cops get happy and we actually lock people up for minor crimes, crime will continue all over the city. I was driving on 96th and Allisonville Rd. a while back. I noticed the HUD sign on a few of the apartment complexes up in that area. If it is poor old people housing, not a bad thing. If it is baby's momma housing, watch for increased crime in that area (usually not by the baby's mommas, but by their boyfriend of the month who is "visiting" at the complex.)

Anonymous said...

"On another note, I am thinking seriously for the first time in my life of getting handgun training and a permit to carry one. As a single woman I do not like what I see going on in my neighborhood and on the Monon trail.

If the Mayor won't handle the problem and make sure I am protected, I feel I need to take the responsibility on myself. Sadly, that may mean I have to own a gun for the first time in my life."

You have be brainwashed that Guns=Bad. If guns were so bad, cops wouldn't have them. Carrying a weapon is not for everyone, however there is no reason that every household not have at least a shotgun for protection. That fact that so many people have _never_ owned a gun of any sort is sad. It shows how far we have come from the days of having to chop wood for heat and grow/hunt our own food. This is sad because back then, you either learned or you starved and died. We have too many sheep in this country. People who were not taught the basics of simple livin. You were a sheep, but by your recent post, you are waking up. Go get your lifetime handgun permit. There is no reason not to have one, even if you decide to not buy a weapon. Get some training, even if you don't buy the handgun.

Anonymous said...

from the Chicken,

Ok, Heres the run down, I arrived at 6:30 by myself. Security was waiting for me. When I walked in they all looked as though they anticipated my attendance. I was informed that if I wanted to attend I would have to take off my suit and they would let me pass. I questioned one officer about the rule and he informed me that new procedures were in effect and that the officers were following orders. After talking pleasantly, yes pleasantly for a few minutes the officer offered to take me to a private room for a search. I complied after the officer told me that I could redress for the speech.
The Officers were very nice and understanding to me and kept me hidden from the press. Tully and others kept asking me who I was, I passed out a small hand bill stating why I was there, crime/murder rate etc. After the search I redressed and the officers escorted me to the elevator and I attended the meeting. Amos Brown, Tully, several LEO’s and others greeted me and I heard no negative comments.
I held a sign that said “BART LIES” during the speech. I was right in front of Peterson during the entire speech.
Afterward several spectators came over and shook my hand all thanking me for expressing my opinion. Peterson shook most of the hands in the room, except mine. He didn’t approach me and I stayed away from him. His security didn’t like me being there and the looks on their faces said it all.
I stayed until the room way almost empty. I walked down the stairs and out the door after thanking the Marion County security staff for their professionalism.
Now here's the good part. I was followed by some of the officers. When I heard them behind me I stopped and looked their way, they scattered like someone tossed a hand grenade inside their group. I approached a bus driver across the street and talked to him for awhile. I asked him if I was still being followed, he looked over my shoulder and said maybe. At this point I was getting a little worried.
This is the best part. Melinda Kennedy crossed the street with her husband and another woman and started talking to me. Yep good old Melinda, she asked me what I thought of Peterson...no kidding. I thought I was going to swallow my tongue. She asked so I told her how I felt. Must say she acted as though she understood why I was there. She did ask me who I was and I told her that it didn’t matter and I walked them to their car.
At this time I looked back towards the CCB and the security were hiding in the bushes. I’m not kidding, I walked past my car as I undid my mask, its a little hard to get it off quickly. I unfastened it, unlocked my car with the remote and rushed back to my Caddy. I took off the mask as I sat down. I started the car and made a left hand turn on to Alabama.
As I turned MCSD came from all directions talking on their radios. I flashed my high beams at them and drove off. I expected to be pulled over anytime, then I realized that we don’t have enough LEO’s to patrol all of the streets.
Made it home in one piece. Watch the News for more on The “New” Peterson's plan.

Copy of informational pass out that I took to the meeting.




Life long resident of Indianapolis, Business Owner, Home Owner, Commercial Property Owner, VOTER.

Reason for Protesting: Crime Rate and our Mayors inability to respond appropriately. Tired of dishonest politicians. Tired of un-professional people in politics. Ignorance & arrogance have no place in City Leadership.
If I wanted to live in Detroit Mich. or Oakland Ca, I would have moved there.
Our City Government is heading Indy in those directions.

Why the Chicken Suit?

Can’t miss a 6 ft 2 in Chicken when it walks into the room.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't goiong to respond again on this thread, because it seemed pointless to argue with people who couldn't be bothered to at least provide some statistical support for their hysterical claims of the impending slide of Butler-Tarkington into "Gary-South". After all, it would take more than a few idiots posting on blogs to drive down property values.

But then I read Anonymous 7:55 and it pretty much infuriated me.

So apparently 7:55 has the magical ability to ascertain crime rates by driving through neighborhoods (without stopping at traffic lights) at 4:30 in the morning. Kudos to 7:55. That's sure to take 7:55 far in life.

But, unlike 7:55 who apparently drives through on the way to work, those of who live in Butler-Tarkington would appreciate if 7:55 would respect the stop-lights at all times of the day.

In fact, consider this: there is only one stoplight between where 7:55 enters Butler-Tarkington (Westfield & Illinois) and where 7:55 leaves Butler-Tarkington (38th & Illinois). That stoplight is at 46th & Illinois in front of the horribly blighted St. Thomas Aquinas Parochial School, across the street from that den of thieves, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis, and less than 30 yards from the muggers paradise that is the Governor's Mansion's main security station.

As it happens, I happen to run past that intersection quite frequently, like many of my neighbors who also like to walk their dogs around there. Sometimes we even do it very early in the morning when we don't think there will be much traffic--yes, even at 4:30 for those of us who have to be at work early.

Now 7:55, I know you must be gripped by terror driving through Butler-Tarkington. But, as a giant favor to those of us who live near those lights you run, would you mind obeying all traffic laws on the off chance that one of us may also be up early and not see you coming?

Anonymous said...

I am a Meridian Kessler property owner who resides in Monroe Gray's district.

After the Mayor's speech last night, Channel 8 talked with a panel consisting of Councilpersons Steve Schneider (R), Monroe Gray (D), and the Executive Director of Flanner House.

Monroe Gray represents my neighborhood which includes 56th and Illinois. I was so outraged by his comments on Channel 8's panel that I emailed him. In particular I was outraged that he blamed lack of morale among our law enforcement officers on themselves. Mr. Gray ignores everything but what is spoon fed to him by the mayor. Mr. Gray lacked passion about the issue of crime, could not pronounce basic words correctly, and his speech was slurred which made him sound as if he may have been been drinking earlier.

Thankfully, Steve Schneider stood up for our law enforcement officers. He is spoke out against the 75% pay raise the council wants to give itself.

I appreciated the comments from the Flanner House Exec. Director. He spoke to the accute need to address the root of the problems within the communities that produce these criminals. The Mayor, conversely, recommended throwing money at the symptoms when what is desperately needed is to address the root of crime, while at the same time the current problems.

I wrote a letter to Steve Schneider and to Monroe Gray. Although Steve Schneider (R) is not my councilperson, there was a response waiting in my email first thing this morning.

Conversely, I have yet to hear a peep from Monroe Gray (D) who represents my district! Is he above correspondence with the citizens within his own district?

I am quite offended that I don't even rate an email response from my elected councilperson. I guess Monroe Gray's idealistic statements on the Indy.gov website are mere lip service to the people in his district.

Anonymous said...

melyssa - if you get a reply from Monroe it will be a 'canned' one, so please don't hold your breath. We need all the legal voters in the area alive.

indyernie said...

Last year I contacted all of the CCC members in response to an elderly lady who needed help on the East Side. The CCC is very bad about responding. Sheron Franklin helped after I contacted her by phone.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, it is difficult to reach most Elected officials via e-mail (regardless of political stripe). There are some understandable reasons for it, though, I have a hard time keeping up with my own e-mail and I'm just a private citizen. That said, one of the best ways to reach any councilor is to contact the city county council office by phone. Just call the City-County building and they can transfer you. The council staff is very responsive and can get you in touch with any of the councilors. Staff is there full time and they do return constituent phone calls.

As an aside, I am also a Butler-tarkington lifetime res and I understand your frustration. However, it might be helpful to temper your anger a little vis-a-vis not returning e-mails instantly. Not everyone is computer savvy and solving the problems here aren't helped by accusations of malevolence, when the more mundane truth is probably that Mr. Gray doesn't do most of his correspondence by email. Save your outrage for the real issues...

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, several of the CCC members are computer illiterate and can't even use email.

Goodluck on getting an email response from Monroe Gray, they don't use email to run pea shake houses or to pickup their cut of the cash.

Anonymous said...

Erin...thank you for the suggestion to use the phone instead of email. I will try that.

In the meantime, please note that councilman Schneider (R), who is not my district representative, responded promptly and with genuine concern.

IndyErnie...we need more politicians in the streets, so to speak, serving the real needs of their constituents. Thanks for sharing your story.