Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Star Wants Gray Censured

The Star's RiShawn Biddle thinks it's time for City-County Council President Monroe Gray to go, but the Star's editorial board thinks a censure by the council will suffice for his failure to disclose the business relationships his concrete company has with city contractors. The Star writes:

As president of the Indianapolis City-County Council, it's incumbent upon Monroe Gray to set the highest ethical standards for himself and other elected leaders in the city.

But Gray's failure to disclose his business connections with a city contractor shows the reverse -- a lack of ethics that reflects on the entire council and every member of his party, including the mayor. He deserves the council's censure.

Gray, a Democrat, signed an ethics form last year stating that he had not received compensation from any company that did business with the city. In fact, a construction company that Gray founded in 2004, Mid Region Concrete LLC, did
extensive work with Trotter Construction, which had sewer contracts with the city.

The Star also hasn't forgotten about Gray's ties to the 300 East bar in the Julia Carson Government Center. It adds:

It's not the first time Gray has been less than forthcoming when mixing personal and public business. Last fall, Gray failed to disclose his wife's investment in a controversial bar/restaurant proposed for the Julia Carson Government Center.

That deal reeked of political coziness. Not only was Gray's wife involved, but one of his campaign contributors, Lacy Johnson, was a lead investor. In addition, the zoning examiner who initially approved the restaurant is married to Lonnell Conley, Gray's chief deputy on the council.

And the paper isn't altogether happy with Mayor Bart Peterson's lack of leadership on the matter. Their advice to the Mayor:

Mayor Bart Peterson, as his political party's top leader in the city, was disappointingly quiet as the Carson Center deal played its way out last fall. Now, with the revelation of Gray's close ties to a city contractor, the mayor has a second chance to set a high tone concerning ethical standards.

Peterson needs to make it clear that full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest is critical. Even the appearance of using public office for personal gain must be avoided.

When the council president fails to reveal his close ties to a city contractor, it's a serious matter. Monroe Gray must understand that. Bart Peterson can help make sure that he does.

Actually, the Star could have just as easily written this editorial against Peterson. Let's not forget that his administration enabled the 300 East deal to happen every step of the way. It was his administration which turned a blind eye to the code violations, facilitated the removal of the playground equipment from the neighborhood park, gave an okay to the zoning variance and tacitly supported the investors' alcohol permit. And it should have come as a surprise to no one in the Peterson administration that Gray's concrete company was performing work on city projects. Peterson's own chief legal advisor, Kobi Wright, has provided cover for Gray's ethics violations. As the saying goes, the fish rots from the head first.


Anonymous said...

Damn what a good editorial. Maybe there is hope for the paper.

Duck. Wilson should come flying in any minute. Inane defense of indefensible actions, just because...well, you know why.

Wilson46201 said...

If the GOP can dredge up a candidate for mayor in opposition to Peterson - go for it! The voters in Gray's district will have their say on Gray's conduct this fall too - if they are displeased, they can vote to remove him if they so choose. IF

Folk opposed to the restaurant at 300 East Fall Creek hollered mightily last year but the surrounding neighbors re-elected their Trustee by a 5-to-1 margin. Differences of opinion and outlook can be peacefully resolved by democracy.

Sir Hailstone said...

So is Wilson being his typical racist self by saying that black voters are condoning and accepting of corruption and criminal acts by elected officials?

That does explain Liberia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wilson - if you lived in Grey's district - would you vote for him ? Vote for the opponent ? not vote at all ?

Anonymous said...

Censureship is not enough. As someone who lives in his district, I want him suspended until a complete investigation of his affairs is complete.

He filed INCOMPLETE paperwork with the ethics board. Why was incomplete paperwork accepted? The problem with Monroe Gray is not going to be solved with censuring him. He needs to be removed (at least temporarily) from the council.

Anonymous said...

Go to: TheindyChicken.blogspot.com

And cast your Vote For the Egghead Award. Peterson or Gray?

Someone is going to win.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Wilson's logic, regarding the district in which Gray resides, is that the impact of his ineptness is felt city-wide.

He sits in the president's chair. He is not just president of his district. He is president of the entire council.

He has his bright spots. His leadership and assistance on the IMPD transition was professional and helpful. So he can do it.

But his snide comments regarding 300 East, and his wife's involvement, and his presiding skills, are sorely unprofessional and pitiful. Arrogant, out of touch and stupid comments.

Same logic above applies to 300 East again: the decisions reached in that ridiculous case, had city-wide implications. Those permits and boards/commissions are appointed and issued for all of us, not just the ones in the immediate neighborhood.

But since you brought it up, Wilson, the neighbors DID try to have their say. At a regular called meeting of the neighborhood association. The "president" refused to allow a vote on the issue, when it clearly would've been overwhelmingly against.

I'd call a neighborhood association meeting democracy, in its purest form. Shades of the New England Town meetings. Those residents were adamant, and they were ignored by an arrogant and (paid off???) woman who was clearly in the developers' pockets.


Anonymous said...

Biddle is right - Gray has got to go. By the Rag suggesting only censureship it leaves the door open to sneak back in. This way, the Rag looks like good guys, when in fact they are only giving an out.

Wilson46201 said...

If all of this was so wicked, illegal and crooked, why hasn't Republican Prosecutor Carl Brizzi put on his TV makeup and done something about it? Bring it to court and have a fair trial!

At this point, it just seems like the GOP is desperately grasping for election-year local issues and beating the bushes for candidates. Bill Clinton's penis no longer works its alleged electoral magic for Republicans...

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton's penis no longer works its alleged electoral magic for Republicans...

Sounds like a Hillary question to me ?

indyernie said...

The signs at the CCC meeting last night said it all,

"Deomocrat CCC and Mayor EZ on Crime"

"Dump the Corrupt Democrats"

Anonymous said...

Ugh...Wilson resorts to penis references...

Can we keep this discussion on the level, please?

It was not about, and was never about, the prosecutor's office, Wilson. Or Bill Clinton. You're good at changing the subject when one of your cronies drops the ball, as Mr. Gray has done here.

It's about wanton abuse of power, arrogance and bankrupt council leadership. Ethically and, it turns out, financially bankrupt.

Censure is appropriate. It won't happen, but it's appropriate. Wilson is right about one aspect of this sordid mess: his district's voters will determine if Mr. Gray is fit to be on the council.

The council determine sif he is fit to be president. Clearly, they don't have the cajones to do anything about this stuff or they would've already.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Censure is appropriate. It won't happen, but it's appropriate."

Actually impeachment is more appropriate but there is no method of such in Indiana.

So we must depend upon the voters of the 8th Council District to vote the 'Rat out!


Wilson46201 said...

Hailstones are quickly dealt with by sunshine and warmth and by the insurance companies to cover the expenses of the damages done. Hailstones are as welcome in Indiana as syphilitic illegal aliens with AK-47s.

Sunshine time! Melt them all!

Anonymous said...


"It's about wanton abuse of power, arrogance and bankrupt council leadership. Ethically and, it turns out, financially bankrupt."

Hailstone and the rest - ignore you local dumpster diver, I skip those posts and will have to start skipping yours. Sometimes Hailstone and rest have some pretty good points when you can stay on the topic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's late, but that las tpost confused me completely.

Anonymous said...

Who says there wont' be a Grand Jury investigation?

indyernie said...

"syphilitic illegal aliens with AK-47s."

Sounds like Wilson's boyfriend. Is he still beating you Wilson?

I would leave him if I were you.

Wilson46201 said...

Still posting homophobic slurs Ernie Shearer? You still trying to peddle the story about my boyfriend beating me up? Never happened! You are doing the Jocelyn-Tandy thing: lie like hell and hope some fool believes your stories...

Anonymous said...

Wilson: Shut up about 'voters having their say'!!!! Criminal Laws were written to prosecute criminals! It is up to the U. S. Attorney & Marion County Prosecutor to go after Monroe Gray for his felony ghost employment, perjury, conflict of interest, and Corrupt Business Influence....not the job of the voter.

If Gray is surrounded by criminals and was elected by voter fraud, then the people are harmed and criminal laws must be ENFORCED!

Wilson46201 said...

True: it's up to the Republican County Prosecutor to file charges and to have a fair trial. Anonymous nobodies hurling overblown accusations while hiding dont cut it.

Don't downplay the role of voters: it's what our democracy is founded upon. Too many people fought and died for the right of ALL Americans to vote to let cowardly AnonyMice downplay the peoples choices.

Anonymous said...

It is time for a change. The GOP will have a compotent and qualified candidate for mayor. Vote for businessman, Bob Parker for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Wilson and Jen justify Democrat office holders breaking the laws while they repeat accusations against Republican officerholders.
Wilson Allen is a bigot and a racist. Jen Wagner is frustrated female.

African Americans are upset and disgusted by their actions. The Democrat Party in Marion County has not responded or had any accountability to the community. The corruption and illegal actions conducted by Carl Drummer, Ron Gibson, and now Monroe Gray, appears that only black elected officials have been caught up in greed and abuse of power, while Mayor Peterson prances to the Super Bowl. He has put poor Steve Campbell out front on the tough issues and he is not elected. Obviously, no real leadership exists within this Party. Vote Steve Campbell for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

There's no room here for slandering Wilson and/or his boyfriend, or Jen. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Can we quit the wide-brush attack tactics?

Even Democrats are angry about Monroe Gray. He's arrogant and hypocritical. Not fit to be president. IF his district wants to re-elect him to the council, that's their business. I live east of his district, thankfully, and won't have the chance to vote for or against him.

Wrapping yourself in the flag defending voters, is an amusing tactic. It does not change the facts:

Monroe Gray snottily deflected questions about his wife's investorship in 300 East. (Where did they get the money to invest, anyway? They clearly can't pay their bills...just asking)

Monroe Gray presides over the Council in a horrible manner. Besides butchering the King's English, he mumbles, he routinely misunderstands Robert's Rules of Order...in general, he is laughable, at best. He too-often has to turn to his personal/Council attorney, Mr. Haith, for guidance on the most rudimentary of parliamentary moves.

Mr. Gray formed a concrete company with no decent experience in the field, presumably to capitalize on his public personna. He didn't pay proper wages, or, apparently, pay for equipment that had to ultimately be repossessed on the job.

Do we really need to go on here?

The man is a lout. He does not deserve to be Council president, and he is an embarrassment. Arrogant, out of touch and thihnking somehow the world "owes" him. Lord help us all.

indyernie said...

"Still posting homophobic slurs Ernie Shearer? You still trying to peddle the story about my boyfriend beating me up? Never happened! You are doing the Jocelyn-Tandy thing: lie like hell and hope some fool believes your stories..."

Wilson I simply asked you a question. Why get your panties bunched? Homophobic? You have outted yourself numerous times, why ask about anyone other than a boyfriend? I'm concerned, the word on the street is that your boyfriend beat you. Sorry, I just asked a question. Did he?

Wilson46201 said...



Anonymous said...

Wilson 8:32AM

Wrong as usual. No such web site.