Friday, January 12, 2007

Strom Thurmond Jr. And The Late James Brown

In the Star's entertainment news today is a brief item noting that the late-James Brown left out his 5-year-old son and the child's mother in his will, which was read in Aiken, South Carolina yesterday. What caught my eye was this: "While the will provides for six children, Hynie's son, James Jr., is not one of those listed in the document, attorney Strom Thurmond Jr. told The Associated Press."

I'm betting that Strom Thurmond Jr. is a son of the late-Sen. Strom Thurmond, who was a leading segregationist in the South, and who fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was not learned until after his death that Thurmond had fathered a daughter to an African-American woman out-of-wedlock. Although Thurmond later in his career supported racial integration, it seems a little odd that his son would wind up as the attorney reading the late singer's will to his family.


Doug said...

I thought Thurmond got his son a job as Assistant U.S. Attorney or something like that. Maybe a different son, maybe he's moved on, or maybe I'm misremembering.

Gary R. Welsh said...

That's correct, but he has several sons.

Anonymous said...


Several sons...that he KNEW of.