Friday, January 15, 2016

Prosecutor Announces Formal Charges Against Sheriff Layton's Son

The Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office filed formal charges against Nikolas Layton, a 10-year veteran IMPD officer and son of Marion Co. Sheriff John Layton. Layton faces felony charges for: dealing in cocaine (Level 5); possession of cocaine (Level 6); conspiracy to commit dealing in cocaine (Level 4); and conspiracy to commit dealing in a narcotic drug (Level 4). No official misconduct charge against the police officer? His co-conspirators, Veronica Purdy and Christopher Reed are facing similar charges.

Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry has requested that a special prosecutor take charge of the case. It seems a little late for that. Why wasn't a special prosecutor requested before the charging decisions were made? Was evidence presented to a grand jury?  If so, who was in charge of the grand jury proceedings? We're not all blind, Terry. The case has been assigned to Marion Superior Court #20, which is presided over by Judge Shatrese Flowers, a Democrat.

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Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Probable Cause of Nik Layton's arrest been made public yet?