Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mary Ann Sullivan Morphs Into Suzanne Crouch

Mary Ann Sullivan with Rafael Sanchez (WRTV Photo)
I saw this photo on WRTV's website of what I thought was State Auditor Suzanne Crouch being interviewed by Rafael Sanchez. Upon closer examination, I realized Sanchez was interviewing Mary Ann Sullivan, the former state lawmaker-turned IPS board member, who was just elected as the board's new president. I thought it could not possibly be Mary Ann Sullivan. Here's what she looked like when she ran for the IPS board a couple of years ago, followed by a picture of State Auditor Suzanne Crouch. See what I mean? She doesn't look like the same person. BTW, Advance Indiana is still watching the education profiteers like Sullivan, who seized control of our local school board and are doing everything they can to exploit it for the commercial benefit of their campaign benefactors under the false pretense of education reform.
Mary Ann Sullivan (two years ago)
State Auditor Suzanne Crouch


Anonymous said...

I've listened to and watched this gal for years. From what I've seen of this Democrat hack's campaigns and her actions, she is a political sell-out to the highest bidder. She is an empty suit (or pencil skirt) pretending to be intelligent. She is really doing NOTHING for "Hoosier children" but EVERYTHING she can to enrich the education corporatists.

If intellectually empty heads like Sullivan really cared about Hoosier children, they would be doing anything they could to improve IPS and to help teachers instead of improving the cash flows of special interests who could not care a bit less about our children or a good educational experience for them.

Oh, and her new "looks"??? Uh... it is a perfect reflection of a woman trying to look as though she is intelligent and "high class". I'd say it is not working to that end.

Anonymous said...

What a shock, commenting on the appearance of women in politics as though it were relevant in any way.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Please. See the shrill comments daily on news and social media sites about Donald Trump's hair or Sarah Palin's personality. Nobody is making fun of her appearance. She's a public figure and her appearance has changed so dramatically you would not know she was the same person if you didn't know otherwise. There's no opinion about her appearance beyond the dramatic change in look. Is Sarah Palin offended when people say she looks like Tina Fey?

Anonymous said...

Look at that face. She looks more like Carly Fiorina to me.