Friday, January 08, 2016

Freeman Running For Pat Miller's Senate Seat

Some were a bit surprised when City-County Councilor Aaron Freeman backed off of an attempt to oust fellow Republican Mike McQuillen as the caucus' minority leader. It makes more sense now. Long-time State Sen. Pat Miller announced she won't be seeking re-election this week, and Freeman quickly announced his candidacy to succeed her.

Freeman become the second Republican council member to announce a campaign for the state senate this year. City-County Councilor Jack Sandlin hopes to succeed Brent Waltz, who is giving up his seat to run for the 9th District congressional nomination, which is a very crowded field that includes Attorney General Greg Zoeller and State Sen. Eric Houchin. Sandlin's path is complicated by the backing former City-County Councilor Jefferson Shreve has from the party.

Advance Indiana readers will recall how Shreve, a long-time Bloomington resident and businessman who had contributed to Democratic candidates in the past, purchased his seat on the council after Jeff Cardwell resigned his seat to join the Pence administration. It appears the powers that be are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that Shreve, who served without distinction on the council, gets this Senate seat. It's unclear whether Sandlin will run in the primary if the party chooses to slate Shreve. Marion Co. GOP Chair Jennifer Ping is backing Shreve. A third Republican senator from Marion County, Scott Schneider, is also not seeking re-election this year. It's not yet clear who on the Republican side will seek to replace him, although John Ruckelshaus, a former state lawmaker, is rumored to be considering making a run.


Anonymous said...

When the rfra bill was about to be voted on I had a series of email exchanges with Senator Miller expressing my certain fear that the bill would encourage discrimination and be a flash point, and she lied to me, claiming over and over that it was benign and there would be no repercussions. I had supported her for years; my nephew served as one of her pages/interns; we often spoke about policy and votes. I felt completely betrayed by her support of that legislation and I never spoke to her again, I still feel betrayed by her, and I'm pleased she won't run.

And let me just say that even fiscal conservatives can think that Greg Zoeller is a complete horse's ass, a failed public servant, who himself ought to retire from politics. His positions have cost this state money, and he has aligned himself with too many fringe evangelical positions to hold himself out as a representative of all Republicans, much less all Hoosiers. I urge him to leave public service, having embarrassed himself and us quite enough.

Unknown said...

We need more conservative republicans in the senate who do conservative things, like using less of our natural resources by conserving them and using renewable energy (the textbook definition of conserving things), conserve our long term financial prosperity by not underfunding critical infrastructure until crisis time (ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, a very conservative idea), and also legislators who will see the inherent public relations risk of being made a laughing stock of the country and avoid such tenuous positions such as dabbling in efforts to violate the equal protection clause of the constitution (constitutional privileges, a very conservative idea), and legislators who understand the history of Indiana's legislative branch in supporting outrageous and stupid things such as the Indiana Pi Law in 1897 that generally make us look like hicks. We need legislators who understand they are conservatives, not the appointed lawmakers for Christians and business groups. Fingers crossed about the future of our state and our ability to elect people that meet the definition of conservative, instead of the "radicalized republican" variety seen far too much lately in our state. I am hopeful.

Anonymous said...

What did the Indiana House Representative say after passage of the Pi bill? "I am not a scientist."

Anonymous said...

To 10:21- You are not the only party member or constituent who personally experienced dishonesty with and from Pat Miller. She is the poster matron of all that is wrong with establishment Republicans who put party machines over (true) Conservative Philosophy and action. There is a huge difference saying one is "conservative' and actually possessing and living the philosophy.

Good riddance to a total insider who, IMHO, more often than not pulled the RINO "Party" line whenever she could whether it was good for "the people" or not.

Exchanging Freeman for Pat Miller is like exchanging Stalin for Lenin. No change. Same bad priorities and allegiance to the old crony ways. Think Jennifer Ping. The new boss is just like the old boss. Hhhhmmm... rock n rollers will find that line familiar. All of us will find it true.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall her name but I am fairly certain a female lobbyist from Fishers has actually filed an exploratory committee to run for SD30. In addition to John Rucklehsaus I have heard that Carlos May is considering.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh. Was just thinking of my little friend Carlos the other day and wondered what the heck ever became of him. Still running for something, anything with a taxpayer paid salary, I see.

The May-November Group, failed. Runs against Andre Carson, failed. Plans to become a big player in Marion County GOP, failed. Establishment "R" kinda guy. Won't ever again give him my vote.

We need NEW blood.

Sir Hailstone said...

Carlos May was working in the Ballard administration doing "Latino Outreach"