Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kudos To Kenley For Telling Ozdemir What Other Lawmakers Are Afraid To Say

Luke Kenley
Sen. Luke Kenley
I've often disagreed with Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) on a lot of issues, but I have to hand it to him today for saying to Ersal Ozdemir and his plan to force taxpayers to build a new soccer stadium for his minor league soccer team, Indy Eleven, what other lawmakers are afraid to say, or won't say because they're on his payroll. Kenley told the IBJ that Ozdemir's taxpayer-funded stadium deal is dead this year and successive years as far as he's concerned until he mans up and puts his own money on the line.
"I keep telling him to stand up and be a man," Kenley said. "If you’re a real capitalist, you should have money of your own in this. He’s one of those developers who’s had a little success and who realizes if he can get government to pay for this or that, then that’s a good deal for him. He acts like that’s pro forma."
Last year, Kenley had suggested $20 million in state-backed bonds to fund the renovation of IUPUI's Carroll Stadium where the Indy Eleven currently play as a bone to Ozdemir, inviting him to kick in more money if that wouldn't get him the stadium he wanted. The Turkish immigrant who comes from a country where paying bribes to politicians to get what you want is pro forma turned his nose up at that plan, insisting on a brand new $75 million plus stadium to be constructed elsewhere in downtown Indianapolis.

I wish I could say this is the end of this matter, but it won't be. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is in Ozdemir's back pocket. That was self-evident when he blocked a public corruption probe of Ozdemir's influence peddling while he was U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana. Hogsett has already privately committed himself to support his project by placing his own handpicked stooges on the Capital Improvement Board who will find a way by hook or crook to give Ozdemir the stadium he wants for the Indy Eleven. I'm sorry, folks. You don't matter. Only the people stuffing money in the politicians' pockets matter, and we don't have any prosecutors in this state on our side to stop it from happening.


Pete Boggs said...

Hooray Senator Kenley! If we can get him & others to apply that logic to tax increases (crass transit, gas, property taxes, etc.); we can turn things around; in the right direction of smaller, less intrusive, better government.

Anonymous said...

Kenly developed a brain and conscious?? wow

Anonymous said...

Well, all right, this is "nice" to hear but nothing is going to change. NOTHING. Ersal will continue to pay off his Republican male political prostitutes in the State Legislature and Ersal will also call Lying Joe Hogsett "Greg".

Although I applaud Mr. Kenley's new found political conscience, I am reminded of Indianapolis City-County Councilors who railed and screeched and grand-standed and developed bullsh&t theories how they could defeat lawless Ballard's corporatist crony deals.

Last time I looked, IT'S ALL STILL THERE. Under Democrat Lying Joe, there will be more "all still there" when he departs the mayor's office.

John Accetturo said...

Ersal will undoubtedly give Kenley's opponent in the May primary a lot of money. That is how he works. He expects taxpayers to fund large amounts of all his projects. Just ask Ballard & Brainard.

Anonymous said...

Just the tip of the Ozdemir iceberg ! Especially interesting that he list himself as Chairman of the Board for Current Publishing and the Palladium, Center for the Performing Arts, Executive Committee. Any wonder how Brainard got his city coucil elected? TIF TIF and tisk tisk

This from the Keystone Const Corp website:

As President and CEO of both Keystone Construction and Keystone Realty Group, Ersal has managed to make quite an impact on the Indianpolis community. He brings expertise, leadership and vison to the companies, thus igniting a hunger for growth and development.

Mr. Ozdemir graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He is also a graduate of the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Class XXVIII.

Mr. Ozdemir speaks to various groups and has been interviewed for different international issues over the years. Some of his hobbies are traveling, spending time with family and friends, playing soccer and table tennis. Mr. Ozdemir is an avid community supporter who also enjoys the arts, as well as, attending and supporting the local art community.

Ersal Ozdemir is also the Owner of Indy Eleven, Indianapolis’ professional soccer team.
Personal and Professional Activities

Board of Governors, North American Soccer League, Executive Committee
Board of Directors, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors, Indy Chamber, Executive Committee
Board of Trustees, University of Indianapolis
Board of Governors, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Secretary and Executive Committee
Board of Directors, Palladium, Center for the Performing Arts, Executive Committee
Board of Directors, Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee
Board of Directors, Children’s Bureau Foundation
Board of Advisors, Purdue University School of Civil Engineering
2012 Super Bowl VIP Services Host Committee, Co-Chair
Board of Directors, Current Publishing, Chairman
Member, Rotary Club
Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, Past Treasurer
Member, National Association of Industrial and Office Properties
Member, International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc.
Children’s Bureau, Past Chairman

Anonymous said...

Interesting this article was posted on IBJ's home page last night - not any more! I Found it after some digging. Many many comments posted by readers supporting Kenley... normally when an article gets so many comments that quickly it moves up in the headlines/latest news listing rather than getting removed from the home page.

Anyone think Ozdemir called Mickey Mauer at IBJ to complain about negative reporting? Will it even appear in next week's newsprint??

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon. 11:40, You left out Ozdemir's most important link. His mentor when he came to Indiana was Beurt SerVaas, the former OSS spy who wielded great power over the CIA like a number of his fellow OSS alums, who had money and doors opened up for them in their role as NOCs for the CIA. These are the people who operate front companies funded with black ops money the CIA generates from its illicit activities. Ozdemir is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization, another CIA front company. It helps explain how a guy who was bankrupt and owing everyone a little more than a decade now appears to have all kinds of money to play with. Tony Rezko was given the same role in Chicago. He had more than $200 million wired to him over a several year period by a corrupt Iraqi businessman with ties to the CIA. SerVaas groomed his son-in-law, Tim Durham, to perform the same role until his ego and vanity got the best of him and he got thrown overboard by the company. Durham's worst sins were covered up by federal prosecutors, who know exactly what he was doing during those frequent offshore trips to places like Costa Rica on his private jet.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon. 12:11, Ersal is Mickey's next door neighbor in their gated Carmel neighborhood. If you notice, the IBJ has been treating Ersal with kid gloves since Cory Schouten, who no longer works there, went rogue and told some true, hard facts about Ersal.

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to like the Indy Eleven story. Soccer is a great game and this was a way for Indy to be unique. The city really embraced the team. But the grifter Ersal has completely wrecked it for me. I remember this city back when it was a decent place, before Hudnut and Company decided that they wanted to play in the Bigs. I'm not blaming Bill but they did erect a statue to him so maybe I should. The simple truth is that there aren't many cities of this size anywhere in America that are in worse shape overall than Indy. That is the legacy of Ballard and Hogsett and the rest of the pirates who have treated this city as their own personal treasure chest.

Pete Boggs said...

IN taxpayer terms, it's the Indy Unleavened...