Sunday, January 17, 2016

Indiana Republican Senate Primary Race

A few readers have asked about coverage for Indiana's Republican Senate primary race. To be honest, none of the three candidates--Eric Holcomb, Marlin Stutzman and Todd Young--have waged campaigns talking about issues in any way that has caused this blog to take an interest in their campaigns. I have no opinion on which of the three candidates is preferable. I just know none of them have said anything that have made me want to take time to write about them with less than three months before the primary. That's unfortunate because Hoosiers need a strong voice in the Senate which they currently don't have in either Dan Coats or Joe Donnelly.


Anonymous said...

I only hope that Eric Holcomb doesn't win the primary. He is nothing but a useless Daniels toady! Also Bill Oesterle endorsing him is reason enough to reject his fool ass!

Anonymous said...

Gary, few can make the case or bring home the facts as concisely as do you. I love the way you write. I learn a lot from you politically and I am trying to emulate your written communication skills.

As for Eric Holcomb, he is a lot like Brian Bosma. From what I've observed at the GOP meetings where these career political animals have blustered to their RINO sheeple, the sub rosa concern just has to be, "What's in it for me???"

Anonymous said...

Their judgment in agreeing to a debate moderated by Abdul is alone enough to disqualify all of them. Any politician who takes that circus clown seriously is not worthy of my vote.