Saturday, January 23, 2016

Park Tudor's Head Master Dies Unexpectedly

Just weeks after law enforcement served warrants on Park Tudor Academy in connection with a child pornography investigation, the headmaster of the prestigious private school has unexpectedly died. A source tells Advance Indiana that the school sent out an e-mail earlier this evening announcing the death of Dr. Matthew Miller, 46, who had served as the school's headmaster since 2011. The statement read:
“The entire Park Tudor community is deeply saddened by this sudden loss,” the statement read. “We ask that you keep Dr. Miller’s family, our students and our community in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.”
The cause of Dr. Miller's death was not disclosed in the e-mail. Advance Indiana has been able to determine that a 911 call was made at 11:55 a.m. for a report of an attempted suicide at a residence located at 444 Pennridge Drive in Meridian Hills. Tax records show that residential estate is owned by the Park Tudor Foundation. The residence is located adjacent to the school's grounds.

Jan 23, 2016 11:55:00 AM
Number: 160231002 
Call Received: 
Location: 444 Pennridge Dr Meridian Hills, IN
Description: Attempt Suicide
Status: Active
Agency: Indy, IN
Park Tudor's highly-successful boys basketball coach, Kyle Cox, shocked many observers when he abruptly resigned his position with the school during the middle of the season last December. When a team of federal, state and local law enforcement executed a search warrant at the school on January 7, law enforcement sources confirmed they were seeking information on the school's former basketball coach. Rumors began circulating that someone had attempted to erase information found on computer hard drives at the school before law enforcement executed the search warrant. Park Tudor is viewed as the most exclusive and costly private school to attend in the state of Indiana.

Jennifer Wagner, a Park Tudor alumnus and owner of Mass Ave PR, posted a condolence message to Dr. Miller's family on Twitter.
UPDATE: Fox 59 News is now confirming that Dr. Miller died as a result of a suicide. According to their report, Dr. Miller had been interviewed by law enforcement on Thursday in connection with the ongoing criminal investigation of child pornography and child exploitation. One source tells Advance Indiana that investigators seized Dr. Miller's laptop when they interviewed him on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason the Indianapolis Star won't acknowledge what every other news outlet has reported that Miller's death is being investigated as a suicide?

Anonymous said...

Always sad to see people choose suicide. Clearly they feel they have no other choice. Hopefully everyone would make decisions in advance where they would never find themselves having to find themselves in this predicament

Anonymous said...

Just drove by Park Tudor. Lots of cars in the north lot. North Gate closed, which is very unusual. Meridian Hills Police Department providing security and controlling the premises when they're usually nowhere to be seen on Sunday.

Looks like the Park Tudor brain trust has assembled for a secret emergency meeting. Not a news truck in sight.

Anonymous said...

monsters and cowards - preying upon children and then checking-out because they cannot face the consequences of such atrocious acts.