Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NFL Investigating Alleged HGH Use By Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has dismissed an Al Jazeera report in which a former pharmacy intern for the Indianapolis-based Guyer Instititue alleged the clinic regularly shipped human growth hormone addressed to his wife Ashley Manning as "complete garbage." The accuser, Charlie Sly, later recanted his claims when he learned Al Jazeera was about to air his explosive allegations. In that Al Jazeera interview, Sly commented that he was surprised authorities had not shut down the Guyer Institute. The issue isn't going away with Sly's denials. The NFL announced today that it's conducting a comprehensive investigation of the Super Bowl-bound quarterback which will not be completed before the playing of this year's big event.

An interesting aspect to this story that has been overlooked by the Indianapolis media is why Attorney General Greg Zoeller's office is not investigating the allegations. Zoeller has told reporters this is a matter for the FBI, not his office to investigate, and that nobody has lodged a formal complaint against the Indianapolis-based physician at the center of the controversy. Zoeller's office has initiated investigations on its own under the powers granted to him under state law. This allegation involves an alleged off-labeled use of a prescription drug, something his office has pursued in the past. Does he think someone like a professional athlete being prescribed a drug for an off-label use is going to file a complaint against his doctor? Indianapolis reporters should be holding Zoeller's feet to the fire. His decision to ignore these allegations has more to do with politics than what he can or can't investigate.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that wonderful man Peyton Manning has been doing illegal drugs, and they shouldn't point fingers at his pretty wife either. That attorney general Greg Zoeller is a horse's ass and if you ask me he's been completely worthless in that position. I wrote him a letter once and I got a call back from someone in his office that just kept saying that Zoeller couldn't do anything about this and couldn't do anything about that. It wasn't on his agenda or some fool nonsense. I don't like the way he looks. Shifty eyed. More like a dog catcher or car salesman to me. The one before him started that no call list which I liked. Carter was his name I think. A fine man. Why would you think a good for nothing like Zoeller would investigate a fine man like Manning? I don't think he has the guts to do something controversial. Manning is a state hero.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Manning is not the person he would be investigating; it's the licensed medical doctor said to be prescribing HGH. We had a public admission by WTHR-TV's Bob Kravitz that he was prescribed HGH by this same doctor several years ago, who said the treatments were a waste of money. No surprise since the medical condition he described was not an approved use for HGH.

Anonymous said...

Both Zoeller and Carter are running for public office? Sometimes the low profile then works better for a candidate not taking sides since there is no assurance that he won't make more enemies than friends. It is amusing to see how Carter is getting his name out there, however.