Monday, July 08, 2013

CIRTA Leader Joins Private Firm That Provides Transit Solutions For Government Agencies

The Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority ("CIRTA") has not even succeeded in convincing state lawmakers to establish a metropolitan regional mass transit authority funded with a new local income tax before its top leader has jumped ship to join a private government contractor that may vie to provide services to a newly-created transportation authority. Ehren Bingaman has served as CIRTA's first and only executive director since its statutory creation in 2004. CIRTA has been the lead partner in pushing the multi-billion dollar IndyConnect mass transit. It also manages the Indy Express Bus service between Carmel and downtown and Fishers and downtown, as well as the Plainfield Connector.

Bingaman is joining HNTB, a nationally-known private architectural and engineering consulting firm that, according to its website, is "a trusted adviser and provider of innovative rail and transit solutions to the nation’s largest transit authorities." HNTB is an infrastructure firm serving federal, state, municipal, military and private clients. "Our work spans many of the most complex and innovative transit projects and encompasses every component of rail transportation systems," HNTB's website says. Bingaman will serve as HNTB Indiana's Director of Planning, which likely means that he will be the point person in helping it land a multi-million dollar contract for the company should Indiana lawmakers be foolish enough to allow the mass transit boondoggle plan to move forward.

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