Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Milwaukee Shooting Of Innocent Teen Ignored By Media

A 76-year old Milwaukee man, John Henry Spooner, believed a 13-year old black boy who lived next door to him was stealing from him. Spooner confronted Darius Simmons in front of his house and shot him dead in cold blood as Simmons' mother watched in horror from her front doorstep. A jury in Milwaukee deliberated for only about an hour before finding Spooner guilty of first degree murder yesterday. Spooner's own surveillance camera showed him pointing the gun at Simmons from a distance of about six feet and pulling the trigger, striking him in the chest. Spooner tried unsuccessfully to fire more shots at Simmons as he ran away. The boy collapsed in the street and later died in his mother's arms. This shooting happened more than a year ago in May, 2012. Simmons' mother testified that Spooner told her son that he would teach him not to steal before firing the fatal shot. Have you read about this case in the media? Why not? Was there not justice for Darius Simmons' killing? Perhaps it's all about repealing Florida's Stand Your Ground Law and laws in other states with similar laws and has nothing to do with the killing of a young black male by a white person.

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Anonymous said...

I'll buy that analysis. It really seems like all the networks, save Fox, are centrally controlled.