Thursday, July 18, 2013

Waterman Facing Primary Race From Washington Council Member

Eric Bassler
State Sen. John Waterman (R-Shelburn) is facing a primary opponent thanks to redrawn districts. Eric Bassler, a Washington city council member has decided to take on Waterman, who is seeking re-election next year to his sixth term in the Senate representing District 39. Waterman lost part of Vigo County and Knox County and picked up Martin County and the southern half of Daviess County where Bassler resides.

Bassler says he offers "fresh ideas and a new vision" for District 39. "Hoosiers want leaders who understand business, budgeting and finances," Bassler, an Edward Jones financial advisor said. "I will bring innovative solutions to the table for Indiana's most difficult problems."
Waterman quickly announced his re-election bid after Bassler jumped into the race. Waterman is no stranger to primary opposition. "Seems like some of these senators run unopposed every time," Waterman told the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. "I always have a host of candidates come out." "Keeps you on your toes," Waterman said of the frequent challenges. Ron Borger, a Vincennes Republican, ran against Waterman in the GOP primary in 2010, a race Waterman won handily that year.


Aces said...

Bassler has a lot of support in the southern part of the district. Waterman has created a lot of enemies because of silly things he has done and comments he has made. He's been in for almost 20 years. I know both candidates and I hope Bassler pulls it off. Both of them are conservative guys but Bassler seems to have more business sense.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Bassler win it. He has more business sense and Waterman mumbles and says some silly, pointless things. He has been in for too long.