Wednesday, July 10, 2013

School Board Attorney's Meltdown With Parents Leads To Firing

Attorney Christopher Kirby attended his last meeting of the East Ramapo School District board in Long Island, New York where he served as the school district's counsel after he had an incredible meltdown with parents in attendance at the meeting. It begins in the first video where a parent, Peggy Hatton, while speaking to the board asks him why he is laughing at her as she speaks. Kirby leaves the meeting at that point but later returns while Hatton is still speaking. He again starts smirking at her. When she calls him out on it, he lashed out at her. "Oh, will you please shut up for Christ sake." This infuriates Hatton and other parents who begin demanding the board, whose members sat in silence as Kirby continued to show disrespect to Hatton, terminate him. Hatton ends her remarks in tears. In the second video, the parents confront Kirby in the parking lot following the meeting where he begins an expletive-filled tirade with the parents and threatens to get into a fist fight with one of them. One of the board members pleaded with him to just leave and stop talking to the parents that way when he represents the board. He responds by saying he represents the board, not the parents. Well, not anymore. The school board announced it was terminating the services of his law firm. You just can't make this stuff up. It's incredible that a school board attorney would turn into a complete thug when interacting with the very taxpayers who are paying the legal fees his law firm bills the school district.

Hat tip to Jonathan Turley.


Septly said...

What do the actions of a private attorney who works as counsel for a Long Island school board have to do with Indiana? Answer: Nothing. And, this story lacks any significance as far as national concerns.

You can certainly blog about whatever you wish, but this story doesn't seem germane to the subject matter you have built this blog on.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Yeah, umm, I decide what is newsworthy on this blog, Septly. If you don't like the content, then don't read it. You only stop by to make negative comments about my work. If you think you're going to influence anything I do, you better think again. And try growing a spine by putting a real name to your comments.