Friday, July 19, 2013

Fake Boston Bombing Victim Charged For Stealing $480,000: What About The Other Crisis Actors' Fake Claims?

Busted: Branden Mattier, 22, was arrested when police say he accepted a fake check for $.2.2million from an undercover officer after filing a bogus claim with the Boston bombing victims' fund
Brandon Mattier

Alleged One Fund scammer sought $500K
Andrea Gause
The One Boston Fund doled out more than $61 million to "victims" of the Boston Marathon bombing in April. Massachusetts' Attorney General Martha Coakley announced charges against a 26-year old New York woman who faked a traumatic brain injury to claim $480,000 from the fund. Andrea Gause submitted false documentation that she had been admitted to a Boston hospital where she was supposedly treated for her injuries. Attorney General's office says it is reviewing all of the claims paid out to date for fraud.

A 22-year old wannabe rapper, Branden Mattier, was previously charged with attempting to claim more than $2 million from the fund after submitting a claim for an aunt who had been dead for more than 10 years, who Mattier claimed had lost both legs in the explosion. Mattier was busted by an undercover cop who arrested him upon delivering a check to him for $2.2 million. Given that the entire event was a staged false flag operation using crisis actors pretending to suffer injuries, Coakley's office has a lot of work ahead of it in recovering all the bogus claims already paid out from the fund.

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