Sunday, August 02, 2009

Who To Thank For Double-Digit Water Rate Increase and Nearly $1 Billion In Debt

Those of you who read this blog regularly know how I feel about the City of Indianapolis' foolish decision in 2002 to purchase the Indianapolis Water Company for more than double its actual value and pile up a mountain of debt now approaching $1 billion. Someone sent me a copy of an old Indianapolis waterworks board resolution from 2002 "Recognizing The Outstanding Service Of Certain Persons To the Department, Board And The Citizens Of Indianapolis" for helping make the water company purchase possible and signed by John Mutz, board president, and other board members. As you pay those higher water rates, I thought you would like to know who you can thank for that gift:

Elected Officials: Mayor Bart Peterson, CCC President Dr. Beurt SerVaas, Councilor Rozelle Boyd, Councilor Mary Moriarty Adams and Councilor Beulagh Cochenour.

Office of the Mayor: Steve Campbell, Mike O'Connor and Jennifer Simmons.

City-County Council Staff: Carlton Curry, Robert Elrod, George Pendygraft and Jim Steele.

Corporation Counsel's Office: Scott Chinn, Joseph Bowman, John Krause, Mark Mertz, Anthony Overholt, Jeff Sirmin, Donna Taylor and Beth White.

Controller's Office: Kathy Davis, Bart Brown, Earl Morgan, Jr., and Chuck White.

Bond Bank: Robert Clifford, John Dillon and Jennifer Weflen.

Baker & Daniels: Theodore Esping, Thomas Froehle, Amy Kosnoff, Darla McKee, Jason Schiesser, Joseph Scimia and Allyson Tibbs.

Ice Miller: Thomas Downs, Jennifer Hall, Brenda Horn, Lisa Lee, Dennis Otten, Thomas Schnellenberger and Lisa Zoeller.

Bears Stearn: Brian Waller and Rick Molke.

City Securities: Tim Dussing, Tom Enright and Jim Merten.

DLZ Indiana: Mark Jacob and Doug Moncreiff.

H.J. Umbaugh & Associates: Gary Malone, Scott Miller and John Seever.

Crowe Chizek (now Crowe Horwath): Michael Claytor and Brad Grabow.

Loop Capital Markets: Jim Reynolds and Jana Wesley.

Sommer & Barnard (now Taft): Donald Biggs, Dave Bromund, Frank Deveau, Ann Carr Mackey, Tracy Reinholt, John Sharpe, Regina Sharrow, Nikki Shoultz, James Strain and Michael Terrell.

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