Monday, August 10, 2009

Not My Party, Tom

I'm sorry to all my Republican friends to do this to you, but you've just got to see this absurd press release Ice Miller lobbyist/RINO Tom John put out tonight praising the Republican council for approving a foolish $21 million a year tax, spend and borrow bailout scheme for the CIB:

Tonight, the City-County Council preserved 66,000 jobs, thanks to Republicans. In a near party-line vote, the Republican-led Council displayed courage and leadership when they voted to restructure the CIB. The hotel occupancy tax was increased from nine to ten percent.

Mayor Ballard and his Republican team continue to show their dedication to the citizens of Indianapolis. Not only did they save 66,000 jobs, but they protected Indianapolis homeowners from a broad-based tax increase and opened up millions of dollars in new funding sources for the city. Democrat Jackie Nytes also understood the gravity of the moment and voted for the future of our city.

The convention and hospitality industry fuels downtown Indianapolis, and Indianapolis is the economic engine of the state of Indiana.

Marion County Republican Chairman Tom John commented on the vote.

"Republicans are showing the people of Indianapolis what leadership looks like. Residents have been protected from any broad-based tax increases, and all of us can look forward to a vibrant city for years to come. Democrats, with the exception of Jackie Nytes, played political games with 66,000 jobs in Marion County. We passed the best solution to a problem created by the failed leadership of Democrats."

Not only did the administration and Council create a plan to save jobs, but the Mayor presented a balanced budget that turned a projected $200 million deficit in 2012 into an expected $50 million surplus - all without raising taxes on the citizens of Marion County.

This was a good night for good government.
Sorry, Tom, but this was not a good night for government and certainly not a good night for taxpayers. It's a good night for the lobbyists and law firms that will be rewarded for feeding the City's longest running Ponzi scheme--the Capital Improvement Board. The only jobs saved by tonight's actions were the jobs of the CIB management that needed to roll months ago in the face of gross incompetence and mismanagement there. Tom John hasn't a care in the world how badly tonight's action will damage his Republican Party. His law firm backed Peterson in each of his elections and fares much better under Democratic mayors than Republican mayors. So, Tom, are you having drinks tonight with your boss, Lacy Johnson, and your newest Democratic colleague, Carl Drummer, to celebrate the destruction of the Marion County Republican Party?


Downtown Indy said...

Reading that has not lowered my opinion of Tom John. It was already at rock bottom.

I'd love for just one of those folks (after several calming edits I've settled on 'folks' to describe them) spouting that 66k jobs nonsense to dare to back it up with factual data.

We'd probably laugh ourselves to death if ever if they ever could produce such information. Can there be 66,000 such jobs in the entire industry STATEWIDE? I doubt it.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It is sad that Tom John is so lacking in basic understanding of political strategy that he authorized a press release bragging about how Republicans supported a tax increase.

In what political universe does Tom John live that Republicans bragging about a tax increase is good political strategy?

I don't know what Tom John's major in college was, but I certainly hope it wasn't political science. If it was he slept through the classes where they talked about political campaigns and strategy.

Anonymous said...

Anybody wishing Peterson had won the election instead of the clown?

Downtown Indy said...

"Anybody wishing Peterson had won the election instead of the clown?"

Nope. At least this administration is not so good at hiding the shenanigans going on behind closed/semi-closed doors. They're still going on, but at least we're not being completely bamboozled by the frontman.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I frankly can't think of any policy differences between this administration and that of Bart Peterson's.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm with AI. Mayor Peterson would be pursuing exactly the same objectionable policies that Mayor Ballard is were Peterson in office. The fact that Mayor Peterson is better at pushing those policies is actually a reason to want Ballard. I want these tax, borrow and spedn policies fail.

Sir Hailstone said...

Will the MCRCC turn against Christine Scales and try to have her dumped in 2011 for voting her conscience instead of toeing the party line?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Mike, The other 14 may have their own primary opponents with which to contend as a result of last night's vote.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Show of hands here. How many of you saw Kent Smith at every single one of those tax rallies during 2007? And how many of you remember hearing him say over and over again how he would oppose tax increases? I suppose we should have suspected that he was a fraud then because of how he made a living at that time--the subprime mortgage business.

M Theory said...

Ogden reported on a civil war brewing inside the Marion County GOP. If there is a war, the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is the resistance.

I hope all good Republicans intent on reforming their party will join with the Republican Liberty Caucus.

I will remain a Libertarian and cheer on the resistance from our sparkling clean waters, which are too principled and pure to leave.

I'm happy to lend the RLC a hand from time to time when they need it too. :)

Gary R. Welsh said...

Word to Dana, Don't waste your time trying to comment on this blog again. I realize you have a serious mental illness for which you are being treated, but I don't have the patience or the desire to see your ups and downs on this blog. Stick to the Daily Kos. There's plenty of your type over there.

Gary R. Welsh said...

We will be making an effort to recruit a primary challenge to all 14 of the tax and spend Republican councilors.