Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for the revealing observation.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

It's obvious to me that the whitey, racist cop is trying to trip the poor, downtrodden black man so he will fall down the steps and break a leg so he will have to go to the emergency room so that the white taxpayers will have to pay his hospital bill. /s off
(this is how liberals "report" stories)

POPA said...

Politics has devolved into just a big game of misconstrued gotcha photos. You have no idea what Obama was thinking.

It could have been the fact that he knows his friend doesn't ask for help as a matter of pride, or it could have been he wanted to distance himself from the interactions of the other two, because even though he knows his inclusion in the story is reality because of his office, the resolution is really about two people.

Could Obama be self-absorbed? Absolutely. But does this picture prove it? Absolutely not.

Sean Shepard said...

Wait a minute. I didn't think there was still a question about whether or not Obama was 'self-absorbed' ??


Downtown Indy said...

On the other hand, if he'd been back there helping the man down the stairs there'd be no question what he was thinking.

If 'he knows his friend doesn't ask for help as a matter of pride' then we're suggesting the white guy is being insensitive and condescending for doing so?

Downtown Indy said...

Obamacare, distilled into 10 pages:

indyernie said...

President or not if he were my kid I'd be sticking a boot somewhere he wouldn't like.
One "serves and protects" the other "struts his stuff".

Unknown said...

At least in this photo The One's actions honestly reveal (through his body language) his disdain for his constituency--although perhaps Cromwell had the good sense to vote McCain. Most of the time, we get this kind of bullshit from him.