Monday, August 03, 2009

Dumb Quote Of The Day

Andy "Lost Cause" Jacobs, Jr. explaining why he supports David Orentlicher, a law school professor with zero prosecutorial experience, let alone legal experience of any type, in the Democratic primary race for Marion Co. Prosecutor:

"Think of it; a prosecutor who is not only a refreshingly intelligent lawyer, but also a well trained physician who can understand first hand the nature and extent of physical harm done to victims of violent crime."
I suppose if he was running for county coroner I could see the importance of having a well-trained physician who can examine a dead person and describe to us "the extent of physical harm done" to the person. Jacobs' reason for backing Orentlicher is almost as bad as the one proffered in Jon Murray's story in the Star today discussing Democratic candidates for the office. "He teaches at Indiana University's law and medical schools in Indianapolis and says criminal law has been an academic and legislative interest," Murray writes.

The Democrats' 2006 candidate, Melina Kennedy, took all kinds of knocks during her campaign against Carl Brizzi for lacking any prosecutorial experience. Her legal experience, however, far exceeded that of Orentlicher's experience. Studying criminal law in an academic setting is hardly relevant experience for this important job, particularly when your academic specialty is health care law, not criminal law. Academic types make for bad prosecutors. Think of Ken Starr and his first bout as a prosecutor during the Clinton impeachment.


Downtown Indy said...

Andy's explanation makes as much sense as having a highly trained (*cough*) excise officer being hired as Market Specialist for a prominent local architecture firm as a farewell gift before heading to Congress.

N'est-ce pas?

But then, Dr O was probably up towards the top of his graduation class rather than 1 or 2 from dead-last.

Vox Populi said...

Who are the Republicans putting up that would be better than Orentlicher?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I assume he has enough sense not to sick re-election. This is a small town and his reputation has been badly tarnished over the past four years, most of which has been self-inflicted. I have not heard of any Republican candidate who is interested in running next year, although I'm sure that will change soon.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Some of us have still not forgotten what a fraud David O turned out to be on the property tax issue. He showed up at every rally and then when he had a chance to vote on it, this is what WTHR's Kevin Rader explained happened:

Representative David Orentlicher was at his desk but elected not to cast a vote. Representative Bosma demanded he do so but the Speaker closed the machine. Orentlicher says his voting machine was not operating correctly. Normally when that happens a lawmaker will just stand up and call for the Speaker's attention to register a vote. Orentlicher was silent even after Rep. Bosma called for his vote. The Democratic candidate for the 7th District Congressional general election nomination did go up afterwards and ask that his vote but registered but only after everyone in the body was watching.

He later told me he would petition for an aye vote so the proposed amendment did fail by a 50-50 vote, but it is always a little easier to make sure your vote would not alter the course of the bill or, heaven forbid, go against the Speaker's wishes.

Running for office is all about leadership. That means voting. Not watching. Not waiting. Not wishing no one would notice. Not having to defend a vote to your constituents. Now Rep. David Orentlicher will have to explain not only to the voters but to his own peers why he didn't cast a vote. Rep. Carolene Mays cast a vote and she is also a candidate for the general election nomination of the Democratic party in the 7th. Rep. Jon Elrod voted and he is the Republican candidate for the special election in the 7th congressional district. And they both will have to stand up and explain their votes but something tells me that will be a whole lot easier than trying to stand up and tell Hoosiers why you just sat there.

Covenant60 said...

Booo!! Orentlicher!!! Booo!! That's enough!! Run for prosecutor somewhere else!! Liar!! Booooo!! Liar!!

karma09 said...

AI, how do you account for Brizzi's failure to put up or shut up on running for a 3rd term? While Democrat candidates begin gathering name recognition, momentum, and campaign cash, potential Republican replacements have to sit and wait in the wings for Brizzi to get out of the way, or put his accomplishments (ahem) back in the line of fire.

My thesis is Brizzi has no where else to go, but knows he'll get whacked in a 3rd attempt, and just doesn't know what to do.

M Theory said...

Given the choice between Brizzi and David O., I would pick David O.

David O. is ethical and I've never heard of him showing up on any scene already in TV make up.

Remember when Brizzi did that? LOL!!!

Might not agree with David O., but I do hold a great deal of respect for him. I'll never forget that he showed up at nearly EVERY property tax rally. That took some guts. You didn't see the rest of them showing up to engage the angry taxpayers.

artfuggins said...

As a loyal Democrat, I think we are repeating our mistake of 2006 if we nominate David O. He has NEVER tried a case in court. We got beat over the head with that in 2006 and should be wise enough not to repeat that mistake.

Dana said...

"Representative David Orentlicher was at his desk but elected not to cast a vote. Representative Bosma demanded he do so but the Speaker closed the machine."

And there's a problem right there. Any paragraph that attempts to use the anti-gay cretin Brian Bosma as some kind of... I don't know, example(?) has FAIL (!) written all over it.