Monday, August 24, 2009

An Image To Remember

Here you see Ross Mangano of Indiana Live racino in Shelbyville testifying before a legislative study committee today in support of allowing the conversion of the racinos at Indiana's two horse race tracks into full blown casinos. Currently, the racinos may offer slot machines only. Adding table games, the race track's owners urge, will allow them to survive. They complain that Indiana's franchise fee and taxes are bankrupting them, something I think they should have thought about before making their investments. These guys knew once they got their foot in the door a little that they would have no problem pushing it wide open because of the enormous control they exercise over so many state lawmakers. Sitting immediately to Mangano's right in the picture is Doug Brown, a lobbyist for the Shelbyville race track. He is also a member of Indianapolis' Capital Improvement Board. You can take it to the bank that when these racinos are allowed to become full blown casinos that a deal will be cut to divert a certain percent of additional tax revenues generated by the casinos to the CIB. Keep in mind also that another CIB board member, Craig Huse, is a shareholder of Centaur, which owns the Anderson racino.
UPDATE: Check this connection out. The Pacers Foundation has listed as its Secretary, Susan Kilkenny of Centaur Gaming, Inc. Centaur owns an off-track-betting parlor in Claypool Court, property that is leased to the gaming company by Simon Property Group.

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