Thursday, November 01, 2007

Coroner: Judge McIntyre's Death Likely Suicide

Shocking news comes out of Lawrence County after Circuit Court Judge Richard McIntyre's body was discovered in a detached garage at his home. Lawrence Co. Coroner John Sherrill announced his preliminary finding that McIntyre's death was likely the result of a suicide. His body was discovered by his wife in his SUV Tuesday evening.

This is a sad ending to this man's life. He was elected by the voters of his district to Congress in 1984 only to see it snatched away from him in a raw power grab by the Democratic-controlled House of Representative and handed to Rep. Frank McCloskey. McIntyre later went on to be elected as a judge in 1988.


Anonymous said...

The talk on the street is that he killed himself to avoid having to serve another 15 months in Iraq.

Somehow I really think that this war in Iraq will eventually destroy this entire country.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Talk on the street is that you are an idiot. Colonels, like most officers, live to serve their country and do not cower from their duty. As well, why would a person kill themselves to avoid being killed? Your logic is seriously flawed. My guess would be that you also blame Bush for your trailer lot rent being late.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that no matter what happened, it is none of our business!!! We as a public thrive on the “dirt” and that is disgusting!!!
What truly matters is that Rick was a good man that served his country and his local community for several years!!!
It is important to remember that his family and friends are going to be the ones picking up the pieces from this tragic occurrence and moving on one day at a time. We all need to respect their privacy, and keep them in our prayers. We need to as God that they may not carry around heavy hearts for long and that he may ease their minds from the “what ifs’” I truly believe that everything good and bad happen for a reason. We may not see how anything good could come from something so bad but it will in God’s time.