Monday, November 26, 2007

Frank Anderson Does Not Live In The 7th District

The latest rumor in the 7th congressional district saga surrounding Rep. Julia Carson's pending departure from Congress is that Sheriff Frank Anderson (D) may be asked to step in as a consensus candidate to head off a civil war within the Marion County Democratic Party over Carson's successor. If it matters to anyone in the Democratic Party, Sheriff Anderson resides in U.S. Rep. Dan Burton's district and not the 7th District. Remember, he has the million-dollar home on Geist. Ed Feigenbaum add this bit of information over at the Indiana Daily Insight:

The plot thickens in the political soap opera surrounding the race to succeed U.S. Rep. Julia Carson (D). After disclosing over the weekend that she was suffering from terminal lung cancer, her office announced officially what most had expected anyway: that she would not be a candidate for re-election. What we picked up Monday in the already bizarre CD 07 political kabuki dance is that Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson (D), who is likely to see his powers emasculated under the new City of Indianapolis administration, may be the beneficiary of a frantic behind-the-scenes effort among Democrats to find a consensus candidate whose candidacy would be acceptable to all factions of the local party and forestall a party civil war . . .despite the fact that he doesn't actually live in the district, and would have to suffer through a 50% pay cut if he were to run and win. New Indianapolis City-County Councilmember Andre Carson (D), his grandmother's likely preference for a successor, is seen as not likely to want to make a bid for the seat if he has to fight for it and further splinter the party. Complicating things: a potential special primary caucus and election should Rep. Carson decide to step down or is unable to fill out her term . . . and the reprecincting that should be completed soon, changing some of the players in such a caucus (and potentially in a special election, as well).

With all the attention on the Democratic side, few are paying attention to what is happening on the Republican side. The only serious, announced candidate is State Rep. Jon Elrod. There have been rumblings that Bruce Henry, the District 1 loser in this November's City-County Council race, might enter the race. I'm not sure how a losing council race positions one to run for Congress. Last year's GOP candidate, Eric Dickerson, is sending out no signals of interest in making the race. Some GOP observers believe the Republicans should nominate an African-American to run for the seat if the party wants to seriously contest the race without hurting the party's county-wide candidates next year.


Anonymous said...

Candidates for US House in most states, including Indiana, do not need to reside in the specific district in which they run. They need only be registered voters in the specific state.

Frank is better than Andre. By a little.

Anonymous said...

Since when does a little thing like residency stop the Democrats? Oh yeah, since they got caught. Sorry!

Sir Hailstone said...

With the money Sheriff Anderson has in his personal treasury, he could buy a home in the district, and unlike Patrice Abdullah it would be habitable.

In all fairness, Eric Dickerson actually spent most of his time at the farm house he owns near Sheridan. His "legal" residence is within the 7th. Mrs. Dickerson presently resides there.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember certain Democrats worrying about Andy Hornings residence status back in 2004.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any concern about Horning's residency status.

Congressional residency status is a time-honored joke across America. The reason? Look to Texas, and Indiana, where redistricting is often done specifically to take in a specific Congressman's home. By statute, and perhaps Constitutionally, members of the House need only be registered voters in the state, to escape some of the gerrymandering nonsense--by both parties. And as a recognition that once elected, most members, truly, live in DC.

Rep. Lee Hamilton was once redistricted and then claimed he lived with longtime pal and Cummins exec Dick Stoner in Stoner's Brown County home to remain in the 9th district. Of course he didn't--he lived in DC. Republicans had redistricted a long arm of the old 9th out of the district, specifically to include Hamilton's home, into the 8th, then Frank McCloskey's district.

At the same time, the CIty of Bloomington was cut in two, to be part of two CDs, specifically to try to defeat one or both MCs.

Democrats likely do the same in other states and at other times.

That's the history. It's difficult to imagine a serious residency complaint, if the district includes most of the city, and the candidate, from either party, lives somewhere else in the city. Only a small portion of the city is outside the 7th.

We're likely to lose another Congressional seat in the next Census/redistricting anyway. (Altho Indiana's population is growing, it's growing at a slower rate than Sunbelt states). I'm less concerned about the exact street adress of a MC...if the candidate is committed to the proper issues and has the city's best interests at heart, and--this one is apaprently difficult these days--agrees to abide by the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

what is Elrod doing since his announcement? Is he shaking the trees for $$ on the heels of Ballard's win? If a special election occurs he could be in the best position to capitalize w. his early announcement and comparative lack of in-party competition if he has some $$ to get on the streets.

Sir Hailstone said...

"At the same time, the CIty of Bloomington was cut in two, to be part of two CDs, specifically to try to defeat one or both MCs."

Now it's THREE. I don't have a Bloomington precinct map in front of me but ISTR east of old SR37 is in the 9th, The area around the SR37 bypass is in the 4th District (gerrymandered by Dems to "punish" Steve Buyer for his particpation in B. Clinton's impeachment process) and if you go out towards Bloomfield on SR45 you're in the 8th.

"We're likely to lose another Congressional seat in the next Census/redistricting anyway. (Altho Indiana's population is growing, it's growing at a slower rate than Sunbelt states)"

Think we could see the 7th disappear and the surrounding CD's essentially slice Marion County into pieces? Or will it expand out to the county lines?

"Only a small portion of the city is outside the 7th."

Actually only Center and Warren townships are completely within the 7th. About Half of Pike, Washington and Lawrence, about 1/4 to 1/3 of Decatur and Perry and only 2 precincts in Franklin Twp are in the 7th.

If you refer to the "old" city limits you are correct. If you're referring to the consolidated city and Marion County - only about 60% or so is in the 7th. So that's not a small portion that is not within the 7th.

Anonymous said...

I didn't suggest that only Republicans are guilty of the gerrymandering scam, Hail.

Slicing Bloomington into 3 CDs is lame.

But, thi is why, members of Congress are only required to be Indiana voters, and I don't have a problem with that.

Anonymous said...

Out of respect, Elrod should stop campaigning until Julia's crisis ends.

Anonymous said...


I recall that guy standing out in front of a polling site during his election from the time we opened it up until we closed it down. 12 solid hours.

Jon was dressed smartly in a tie and coat. His opponent's supporters (including his brother i believe) smugly asking the entire time if Jon was hungry or wanted a cup of coffee. They were almost laughing at him in his face all day. For daring to challenge the democrats by running republican downtown.

And then he won. It was brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Was Elrod campaigning? I hadn't noticed.

Anonymous said...

5:11 p.m. said, "Out of respect, Elrod should stop campaigning until Julia's crisis ends."

The Congresswoman announced that she was not going to seek re-election. Why should anyone wait to campaign, particularly when the parties slate their candidates in January/February?

As long as the campaigning is done tastefully, I see nothing wrong with the world moving on. When the end comes for the Congresswoman, we can all stop then and reflect and honor her.

Anonymous said...

There will be other candidates in the Republican Primary for the 7th District. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The world and progres does not stop for Julia Carson.