Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Council Democrats May Sunset COIT Increase

There has been some talk that disgruntled Democratic councilors might repeal Mayor Peterson's 65% increase in the county option income tax before they turn over control of the council to a new Republican majority on January 1. It doesn't look like that is going to happen, but an ordinance establishing a sunset date of next August is a possibility according to WISH-TV's Jim Shella. He reports:

The voters sent a message calling for lower taxes in Marion County and now the Democrats, with two months left before they lose control of the City-County Council, may act to reduce taxes.

"We're certainly researching what the possibilities are at this point, but we do believe that there needs to be a conversation," said Councillor, Joanne Sanders (D).

At issue is the 65% hike in the local income tax that prompted protests at the council meeting in August.

The first 20% goes to property tax relief and is untouchable, the remaining 45% is another matter. The council can't vote to repeal the tax increase but it could sunset
it, meaning it would expire next August, forcing the new Republican majority to either vote to continue it or do without the money it brings in.

Newly-annointed CCC President Robert Cockrum is not happy with this talk. "The money goes to public safety, touted as a real priority in the new administration." "Bob Cockrum (R), the man picked to become the new council president in January, says the Democrats should just bow out and let the GOP take over," Shella reports. "The budget that was prepared for next year was in balance with the revenue and so forth and I think it's just playing games to do anything at this point in time," Cockrum said.

Frankly, I think the sunset idea is a perfectly sound idea, although I think an October 1, 2008 sunset date, one year from the date of the enactment of the tax increase, makes more sense. That gives the new council and Mayor-elect Greg Ballard sufficient time to put up or shut up on the pledge of downsizing government to reduce our tax burden. If it keeps their feet to the fire to keep their campaign promises, I'm all for it.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....this isn't what Sanders was saying on the day of the vote. She and the others certainly weren't listening to the PEOPLE the day of the vote.

Is she flip-flopping???

Wilson46201 said...

Nahhh...the GOP Council itself is certainly flip-flopping. They voted against the COIT increase but now it seems they want that COIT increase.

Voters: Ballard and the Marion County Republicans played you bigtime!

Anonymous said...

Wilson. Get the hell out of here. you and all your liberal friends are done!
you can say what you want, but there is only one word that describes you.

Go away you Idiot

Anonymous said...

What does the dumpster diver care if they repeal the COIT - he supported it then and certainly must think we still need it.

Ignore the dumpster diver.

Anonymous said...

Sunset is a sound option. It would expire 10-11 months after the new mayor/council majority are in office, and that would be ample time to repair things--using their own budgetary priorities and choices.

That same new mayor and council majority must prepare a 2009 budget, and have it ready for public hearings by August.

It'd be ironic, because former Republican mayors knew full well the unfunded pension obligations were there. They ignored them. It's hilarious that some of your party, Gary, touts themselves as fiscally sound, whilst pushing huge obligations onto the next generation. Think Iraq.

Reagan and W have taught them well.

Sanders isn't flipping. Sunset is a sound idea and its advocacy is one more reason she should be caucus leader. The bigger council outrage is goofball Dane Mahern's public abandonment of his newly-elected council term, before he even takes the oath, to run for the House.

If only he'd lose everything, if he lost the House race...hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

The republicans all ran against the COIT and talked about how horrible it is....repeal it or sunset it and let the republicans find an alternative. How could any republican on the council not vote to repeal or sunset unless they were blantant liars or hypocrites....and that is a possibility..Even the FOP who would benefit from it blasted Bart for proposing those who benefit from it, dont want sounds like a slam dunk repeal or sunset to me.

Anonymous said...

6:43 nailed it, nuff said.

Anonymous said...

the COIT should be repealed or could any self respecting republican not be for getting rid of it.....unless they are hypocrites and liars.....the Democrats woke up and smelled the coffee. COIT must go.