Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Support For Gay Marriage Ban Drops Below 50%

Even Hoosiers are getting fed up with the religious right's use of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages as a divisive wedge issue. According to a Indianapolis Star/WTHR poll, support for the amendment has fallen below the fifty percent mark for the first time since the issue has been surveyed in Indiana. "The poll, based on the responses of 600 people statewide, found that 49 percent of Hoosiers supported the amendment," the Star reports. "That number is down from 56 percent in a March 2005 survey by The Star."

This really should come as no surprise to Indiana politicians. People are far more concerned about taxes, schools and health care than adding an unnecessary amendment to the constitution for the sole purpose of discriminating against a disfavored minority group. Yet, the twice-married and childless proponent of the amendment is determined to whack away at this wedge issue. "There will be more than adequate time to deal with property taxes and pass an amendment protecting marriage,” said [Eric] Miller, founder of Advance America, a conservative activist group. "Miller said the poll still shows more Hoosiers favor the ban than oppose it and deserve the opportunity to vote on the measure."

If House Republican Leader Brian Bosma has any hopes of salvaging his declining stature in Indiana politics, he will say enough with this issue and move on instead of pretending to be some modern day messiah who was put on this earth to deliver us from evil. I just wish Bosma could hear what many of the state's top Republicans have quietly told me about their feelings towards him for his continued flogging of the marriage amendment and prayer issue. Or even better, I wish they would tell him the same thing they tell me.


Anonymous said...

HOOSIERS SHOULD NEVER FORGET. Our general assembly spent more time in the last session arguing homo hatred than they did dealing with the looming property tax crisis.

If anything, this should show everyone by their actions that they care more about advancing an agenda of hatred than they do protecting our homes, the shelters which provide the ultimate protection and safety for our state's families.

I'm not sure about everyone else, but the promotion of any hate agenda by our public officials makes me angry. And don't think the so-called liberal democrats will protect you from the judgement and hatred of your private relationships if they are out of the norm. If you believe they are "liberal", just look at what the democrat machine (Bart & Co.) and even Jenn Wagner have done in regard to my private life.

Anonymous said...

Gary, so long as they fear to step forward and tell Eric Miller and Bosma to their faces, they might as well be the cowering clods who ran Indiana in the 1920s. Speaking truth to power requires courage, a virtue lacking in many people who sup at the gravy train.

Isn't it time to pull the mask off Miller and Clark?

Anonymous said...

Gary, I hate to criticize as I know you are firmly on the right side of this issue, but I really wish the term "Gay Marriage Ban" wasn't used by those who oppose this amendment. Referring to civil marriage equality as "Gay Marriage" plays better to their side than it does ours.

Semantic issues aside, when you read the proposed amendment, there is much more to it than "banning gay marriage." The infamous Part "B" affects all unmarried couples, not just gay couples.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell Bosma and Miller to their face! I have absolutely no issue in doing that whatsoever! In fact, I stopped myself from addressing homo-hatred with
Bosma while he was greedily lapping at the victory trough (open bar) at the Ballard victory party, but decided against it that night.

Miller's homo-hatred agenda is the reason why I distanced myself from him in the property tax front in spite of the fact that he has pulled together masses of people.

When I think of all the things that Jesus would do, homo-hatred is surely not on the list.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Indy Star "Talkback" section is like looking at an accident scene--you hate yourself for doing it, but you just can't seem to stop. Anyway, this was a great comment posted in the thread:

"I learned a long time ago that if someone has to repeatedly tell you it isn't about something...in reality it is about exactly that. As many times as you told us it's not about the hate tells me that's all it's about."

Anonymous said...

No No NO, we must not allow gays to marry, under any circumstance!!

Just imagine Gary, how many presents we'll need to buy for our friends and relatives, plus all those nice Saturdays in June when I know I'd rather be doing something else besides attend a wedding. This is why I am opposed to gay marriage, (plus if it is allowed, more people will be trying to marry me off).

Amber said...

I think Gay Marriage should be allowed it doesn't matter about property taxes or anything like that i believe that if you love each other and wonna become one like any other man or women should be allowed to. It's not like we are asking to much or anything we should be allowed choose to marry who we want man and women, man and man, or like me women to women. who i have been with for over 13 years. All I'm tryin to say is that it shouldn't matter because if u wonna go by god then we are all in trouble because in the end we are RELATED .