Friday, June 23, 2006

Rokita Plan To Clean Up Voter Lists Is On

With a little prodding from the U.S. Justice Department, Democrats withdrew their objections to Secretary of State Todd Rokita's plan to send a mailing to the state's more than 4 million registered voters in an effort to clean up voters lists. Rokita tells reporters:

As my office, the Department of Justice, and statewide media have pointed out, when we determined that 19 of 92 Indiana counties have more registered voters than actual citizens, age 18 or older, we knew there was a problem. When our brand new statewide voter registration system found 290,522 possible duplicate records, we knew there was a problem.”

As it turns out the Democrats weren't at all interested in saving taxpayers' money or the integrity of the voting system; they simply wanted to make sure Rokita's name did not appear anywhere on the mailing, and that voters could not learn how the voter ID law works. TDW writes today:

Specifically, he had to take his office name off the postcard, and he promised to omit a whole lot of information about the state's voter identification law, which was to be set out even though the law currently is under consideration by the Seventh Circuit in Chicago. In other words, it has to be a content-neutral mailing from the Indiana Election Division, not a mailing that might intimidate voters into not coming out this November.

"Content-neutral?" God forbid we educate the state's voters about the requirements for voting in this state. At least the mailing is going forward, although AI thinks it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to send the mailing to every registered voter since the statewide voter registration system already has identified potential duplicative registrations. That's why we spent millions to develop the system.

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