Monday, June 12, 2006

AFA's Clark Accuses Jesus MCC Church Of Deceiving Public On Immorality

The American Family Association of Indiana's Micah Clark is at it again. This time he is irate over Jesus MCC's campaign to set the record straight on what Jesus and the Bible really have to say about "homosexuality." The campaign, represented by the "Would Jesus Discriminate?" newspaper ads, billboards and yard signs which are popping up all over central Indiana, has really gotten under Clark's skin. In his latest missive to his followers, Clark charges the church with "attempting to deceive [the] public on immorality."

Last week, Clark began his diatribe by trying to scare his followers by asking them this question: "Did you know the largest gay church in the midwest is located in Indianapolis?" After identifying the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, he accused Jesus MCC's founder Troy Perry of promoting adultery in relationships, both straight and gay, as part of his theological teaching of Christianity. This week, Clark is back-pedaling. He writes:

Last week I mentioned a $55,000 media campaign by the largest "gay church" in the Midwest which is located in Indianapolis. I attributed a statement that adultery is "God's gift" to Troy Perry the founder of the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church denomination.

Actually, that specific comment belongs to homosexual religious leader Mel White, the founder of Soul Force describing his first homosexual encounter while he too was still married to his unsuspecting wife. He was also a Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary at the time. Perrys (sic) comment about his own adultery and "marriages" (homosexual or heterosexual) that include other sexual partners was, "thats (sic) just fine and dandy."

It's not enough that Clark deliberately misled his followers about Perry's beliefs without so much as an apology, he had to go on to further skewer him. Clark tells his believers, "Neither of these beliefs are anywhere close to what Jesus Christ and the Scriptures teach, but why let Biblical accuracy get in front of these "ministers" (sic) agendas? Clark adds, "The political ad campaign by the Jesus Metro Church want people to believe that Christ would accept homosexuality and embrace the liberal political agenda of the homosexual activists."

It's hard to believe the recipients of Clark's messages are unable to see the bigotry and hate that lace each and every word Clark utters on the subject of "homosexuality." It would be helpful to all if Clark simply came clean about the real reason he has a problem with "homosexuals" so people can find it in their hearts to pity the man. As it stands, he just comes across as the angry bigot he is.


Wilson46201 said...

Who is this Micah Clark and what are his credentials? Is he an ordained minister of some church? Or is he the just Indiana spokesman for James Dobson?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I believe the latter would be the more appropriate description.

Anonymous said...

TELL it, Gary.

You're doing great work! Keep it up.

Jeff Newman said...

I confess to not being a religious guy, but it's nice to see someone getting under the AFA's skin. Go JMCC!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Micah would have to say about King David, often referred to a "man after God's own heart". Seems David wanted Bathsheeba for himself. Problem was, she was married (I think David might have been at the time, but I'm not 100% certain about that).

What's a King to do? He sent her husband out to battle, got her pregnant while her husband was gone, called her husband back to sleep with her to cover his tracks. The husband wouldn't do it, so David sent him back to battle and told the army to withdraw from the husband, thereby killing him.

David picks up the pieces and marries Bathsheeba.

And Micah thinks we are immoral.

Anonymous said...

"t would be helpful to all if Clark simply came clean about the real reason he has a problem with "homosexuals" so people can find it in their hearts to pity the man."

Ok, I'll bite. What is the "real reason"? I find it hard to find anything but anger whenever I hear him speak.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I understand that it is a private family matter Paula. You'll have to hear it from Clark.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the rumour of his "tale of woe" and I still can't muster any pity for him. Anyone with a brain can separate one bad interaction with one individual from the behaviors of a whole group of people. That is, unless of course you are a bigot.