Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Man Dan Coats And Joe Donnelly Voted To Put In Charge Of The CIA

It's bad enough that we have a president in the White House who has no loyalty to the United States of America and sees it as his mission to bring about our country's economic collapse so he can serve us up to his New World Order masters on a silver platter. But the enemies of freedom and liberty have captured our entire national security apparatus thanks to the votes of 63 U.S. Senators today, including the votes of Indiana's Sen. Dan Coats and Sen. Joe Donnelly. The Senate confirmed John Brennan to head the Central Intelligence Agency, to join Chuck "I Work For George Soros" Hagel at Defense and John "Hanoi" Kerry at the State Department. He succeeds Gen. David Petraeus, who was brought down by treacherous enemies of this country like Brennan as part of an ongoing purge of every top official in the U.S. military who refuses to take an oath to Obama that they will shoot to kill any American citizen on his orders. Even worse, while a true friend of America, Rand Paul, was standing alone in the Senate chambers fighting for your rights, Sen. Coats was breaking bread and giving hand jobs to President Obama at a posh Washington, D.C. restaurant.

Some of you may recall my earlier reports on Brennan's role in the Obama passport file breach. Brennan had one of his employees at Analysis Corp. where he served as CEO gain unauthorized access to Obama's passport file to cauterize the damning information contained in it that had significant bearing on his constitutional qualifications to serve as President during the 2008 presidential campaign. Brennan, who served as a national security adviser to Obama during his 2008 campaign, had the audacity to send out Obama and his goons to blame the Bush State Department for the breach, knowing full well that one of his own employees carried out the unauthorized access to Obama's passport file at his direction. The government whistle blower in the case was found shot to death a short time later in his car parked outside his church in Washington, D.C.

Prior to 9/11, John Brennan, more than any other national security official, had urged the President not to take military action to eliminate Osama bin Laden. Yet despite the fact that he and every other top national security analyst in our government knew that bin Laden had died in the early days of the Afghanistan invasion in 2001, he helped mastermind a faux raid on a compound where one of the CIA's doubles for Bin Laden was housed. You know, the one they used to make those fake videos to give the false appearance the old guy was still alive and kicking long after he died? Brennan then had the audacity to fabricate key details of the faux raid. Brennan seemed more concern about bolstering the President's image than protecting the lives of the brave Navy Seals who risked their lives while being sent on a fool's errand. Brennan is also the chief architect of Obama's use of drones to assassinate U.S. citizens who untrustworthy people like Brennan get to decide are deemed national security threats.

In the video above, watch Brennan as he addresses an Islamic Society of North America event in New York where he apologizes for his Catholic upbringing and praises his conversion to Islam and the enlightening influence Allah has had on his life. Brennan spent most of his adult life working in either Cairo hanging out with the Muslim Brotherhood or working as CIA post commander in Saudi Arabia where he frequently broke bread with members of Saudi royal family during the same period they were funding and giving rise to bin Laden and al Qaeda.  In the video, Brennan refers to Jerusalem by its Arabic name  and speaks fluently in Arabic to ingratiate himself with his audience. Thanks in part to the votes of your Indiana senators, we now have a man in charge of our nation's most important national security agency who views you as the enemy. God help us all. You sure as hell can't count on traitors like Dan Coats or Joe Donnelly to protect you.

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