Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yep, That's The Presidential Limo Being Towed In Israel

obama limo israel
My guess is that the Secret Service is pretty particular when it comes to who is permitted to do anything to the presidential limousine, including filling it with fuel. Well, believe it or not, the limousine, referred to as "The Beast," conked out on President Obama during his trip to Israel after someone mistakenly filled it with gasoline rather than diesel. Ouch.


Pete Boggs said...

That's an apt analogy for the faux fuel socialism they've pumped into the failure of this once functional economy.

Unknown said...

It is ridiculous about Israel people that they where not able to arrange a Limousine in good condition, that our president can use as the best means of transport .

Indexer said...

This is not a good example of following the law. The government should be the one to follow first what is the right thing to do and yet there obeying the law. The charges will go to the president haha!

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