Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tully Criticism Of Gov. Mike Pence Tells Us He's Doing Something Right

Well, the washed up, unoriginal Star political columnist Matt Tully thinks Gov. Mike Pence is doing a bad job after three months on the job. Tully faults Pence for being "lackluster," "arguing with everyone," including Republican legislative leaders, pushing an "arbitrary 10 percent cut in the income tax rate," and says his leadership "pales in comparison" to Gov. Daniels.

As always, Tully's memory is short and selective. I recall a Mitch Daniels coming under heavy fire from members of his own party for pushing an income tax hike on wealthy Hoosiers, which was declared dead on arrival, and a newbie governor resoundingly criticized by the media when he compared then-House Speaker Pat Bauer to a "a roadside bomber." After Daniels' first year on the job, his approval rating stood at just 44% with 50% disapproving of his performance.

Tully also takes a cheap shot at Pence's tax cut because the Americans For Prosperity PAC has taken to the airwaves to advocate for his tax cut plan. "And, so, Pence’s plan has generated little more than yawns, Tully writes. "It’s gotten so bad that Pence’s supporters have had to spend money on a TV ad challenging his fellow Statehouse Republicans." It was a brilliant stroke when Daniels relied on his Aiming Higher PAC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daniels' political campaign, to promote his legislative agenda on the airwaves; it's an act of desperation when an independent, conservative-leaning group (not in any way shape or form created by Pence) promotes his legislative agenda. Go figure.

"So far, under Pence, vision is desperately missing from the governor’s office," Tully opines. "In its place is a heavy shadow that stretches all the way from West Lafayette and has many Hoosiers longing for the days when big ideas and big agendas were the norm at the Statehouse." Word to Matt. You spent eight years kissing Mitch's butt in hopes he would offer you a job and it didn't work out. Repeating the same meme over and over might begin to look a bit inane to be generous.

Pence should wear Tully's criticism like a badge of honor. It's a sure sign he's doing something right. The fact that Pence favors tax cuts over tax increases is all it took to earn Tully's ire.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Tully is so deceitful!

On St. Patrick's Day, vidRebel.wordpress, at "5 Minutes Until America Hits a Brick Wall", predicted that 2,000 local cities, counties, and school and utility districts will default on their bonds. I pray that Governor Pence's tax policies help the people of Indiana.

Pete Boggs said...

The House Speaker can't substantiate this morning's claims, that Indiana taxes have been cut, not in real & therefore net terms.

Do the baseline math (not the narrative meth), Indiana has a net increase in taxes. If you gain weight at a lesser rate this year than last year; you're still gaining weight.

Anonymous said...

Pence is a disgrace to this state. He will turn Hoosiers into uneducated fast food workers unless we get rid of him. He will not be reelected in 2016