Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Best Explanation I've Found For Our Earth Changes

I don't subscribe to the global warming theory that man-made emissions of carbon dioxide are the cause of warmer temperatures and other climatic changes impacting our planet as of late. Something my father, a farmer, taught me as a young boy growing up that I've never forgotten is that the weather always runs in cycles, creating extremes at times while normalcy prevails most of the time. Since our planet is billions of years old, none of us really can say with certainty how extreme those cycles run, although we know that where we live in the middle part of the United States was once frozen under a sheet of ice. This is explained by the fact that the magnetic poles shift over times, causing a once temperate climate to turn to extreme polar conditions based on the current magnetic position of the planet's poles. There is also ample evidence that once thriving cultures were wiped out entirely by cataclysmic events we don't fully understand.

I don't know the people behind this video, but I consider them to be angels who care about mankind, unlike those who rule this world and feed us daily propaganda to submit to their New World Order. I've found no better explanation anywhere than the alternative hypothesis proffered in their video for what is responsible for the current very noticeable and undeniable climatic changes on Earth. As the narrator explains, the Earth's magnetic north pole has been moving in the direction of Russia over the past few hundred years, a movement that has escalated in more recent years. At the same time, the Earth's magnetosphere--the planet's atmosphere that protects us from harmful solar and cosmic rays from outer space--has simultaneously been weakening at an alarming rate. Our sun and the cosmos beyond our solar system have far more impact on what happens on this planet than any man-made activity. Solar activity that helps fire up the atmosphere that protects us from outside forces is also cycling down.

The narrator of the video to my pleasure notes the obvious man-made efforts at altering our climate--none of which our government officially acknowledges. It infuriates me that people who are so concerned about CO2 emissions are oblivious to the spraying of aluminum oxide aerosols in our atmosphere that create artificial clouds. No, those aren't just contrails you are seeing from airplanes in the sky. Anyone who professes to have a clue of what is happening to our climate cannot deny the introduction of this artificial spraying that, as far as I can tell, began at least a couple of decades ago on a full-scale, international basis. The spraying is very harmful to humans. It damages our respiratory systems, it's getting into our food and water supplies and, God only knows, the extent of the long-term environmental harm it is causing to humans, animals and plants on Earth. As the narrator in the video points out, playing God is never a good idea. Our government has also implemented HAARP, which the narrator discusses and the effects of which can be visibly viewed on weather radar and satellite images, along with various Tesla and other electro-magnetic devices arrayed throughout the world to impact the Earth's ionosphere.

The narrator of this video provides daily reports you can view on YouTube on a channel titled "Your mind is your weapon," which are very helpful in making you alert to the enormous uptick in seismic and volcanic activity, along with unusual weather extremes that may just portend something very big that's about to happen to our planet that forces within our government have elected not to provide us advance warning of--and perhaps for good cause because of the chaos that would ensue if people really knew just how extreme Earth changes are going to be in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead. Today's climate update from this useful YouTube channel is provided below.

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