Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fair Finance Trustee Sues Daniels Campaign Committee To Recover Durham Contributions

The bankruptcy trustee for Fair Finance today filed a lawsuit against Gov. Mitch Daniels' campaign committee seeking to recover $90,000 of the more than $200,000 in contributions he received from indicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham. Daniels has in the past defended not returning the contributions he received from Durham by saying all of the campaign funds he raised for his two gubernatorial campaigns have been spent. The bankruptcy trustee is seeking to recover only contributions made by Durham to Daniels since 2006. This lawsuit could be laying the groundwork to go after money Daniels' campaign committee transferred to other candidate or party committees. Daniels' committee previously returned about $3,000 to the trustee. Given Daniels' wealth, I don't know why I just doesn't cough up the money himself and end this legal fight instead of forcing the trustee to rack up unnecessary attorney's fees.

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