Wednesday, February 01, 2012

McIntosh Claims To Benefit Most From Burton's Exit From 5th District Race

Former U.S. Rep. David McIntosh's campaign is citing a recent poll it commissioned as evidence that the former congressman will benefit the most among the remaining contenders for Indiana's fifth district congressional seat following the announcement yesterday by U.S. Rep. Dan Burton that he would not run for re-election.  According to the poll taken by Wilson Perkins Allen, voters expressing a preference for Burton indicated by a 2-1 margin, or 38%-14%, they would prefer McIntosh over the other candidates in the race.

That same poll showed Burton leading the field with 29%, nearly the same percentage he received in the primary two years ago, followed by McIntosh with 20% of the vote. Former Marion Co. Coroner John McGoff garnered a 14% share in the poll sampling ahead of attorney Jack Lugar's 11% support and former U.S. Attorney Susan Brook's 4% share. Lugar, who is no relation to Sen. Lugar, clearly benefits from sharing the same last name with the well-known senator. He is considered the least credible among the competing candidates and has raised the least amount of money. Brooks has raised more money than any of the other candidates, but she has very low name recognition in the district compared to McIntosh and McGoff. There could still be other late entrants into the race. Many are closely watching to see if State Sen. Mike Delph, a former Burton aide, will jump into the race.

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Ben said...

Brooks is a prototype insider. Of course we all know who her husband is. However, I have heard that she is not like him at all. Still, she has NO name brand out there.

If McGoff can raise the case,he may have the strongest shot at this job.Once McINtosh opens his mouth, the party if over. Also ,his license plate that reads Virgina, is not a good thing.