Monday, February 20, 2012

Brizzi Talks About The Charlie White Trial

Former Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi sat down for an interview with Current In Carmel to discuss the conviction of his client, Charlie White, on six felony counts. On the issue of appealing the convictions, Brizzi leaves no room for doubt that White will appeal the convictions.

We’re definitely going to appeal. We think there were very appealable issues in this trial, so I don’t think it’s speculation to be saying he’s pursuing an appeal.” . . .
What people have to bear in mind is, he was literally charged with four different felonies for casting one vote. I’m not really sure if that’s been reported. I mean … four felonies for one vote seems a bit extreme.”

Asked if he was second-guessing his decision not to put on a defense, Brizzi responded:

“What do you want me to do? You can’t go back and second-guess any of the decisions made during the trial. No one except for me, Charlie and the people closest to him know what that evidence is and the potential for it to not be favorable. I lived this case for months and months and months and months, and we made the decisions we made. We’re never going to be able to explain to anyone with any satisfaction why those decisions were made.”
 Asked if he expected White to be sentenced to jail time for his convictions, which carry a maximum sentence of 18 years (for voting in one election at his ex-wife's home):

“Can he potentially face jail time? Yes, absolutely. Do I expect it? I don’t expect or not expect anything at this point. I certainly don’t take anything for granted.”
He's right about that. Hamilton County is one strange and foreign land when it comes to the criminal justice system. We've seen law enforcement ignore overwhelming evidence that a serial killer was living in the community. We've seen male on male sexual assaults in the schools being dismissed as boys engaged in horse play. We've seen parents mistakenly accused of murdering their babies. We've seen a man put away for attempting to murder a state legislator when the police knew damn good and well that's not what took place, notwithstanding the teary-eyed tale told by the legislator. And we've seen adults serve intoxicating alcohol to minors resulting in death without consequences. You're taking big chances when you get caught on the wrong side in Hamilton County.

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