Friday, July 29, 2011

Indiana's GOP Delegation Totally Spineless And Without Principle

The Star's Maureen Groppe says all of Indiana's GOP congressional members plan to vote for Boehner's zero spending reduction plan to increase the national debt ceiling a few trillion more dollars, except for U.S. Rep. Dan Burton:

The state's six Republicans were expected to vote for it, with the exception of Rep. Dan Burton, R-Indianapolis, who did not say how he would vote.
Burton had pledged to vote only for a conservative "cut, cap and balance" plan that passed the House but was rejected by the Senate.

Rep. Mike Pence, a leading conservative voice, urged colleagues Thursday to back House Speaker John Boehner's bill.

I believe Congress is doing everything in its power to change the way we spend the people's money," the Columbus Republican said.
Rep. Todd Rokita, R-Indianapolis, who has said most of his constituents oppose raising the legal borrowing limit under any circumstances, called Boehner's bill a tactical move and a "solid step in what is the continuation of a longer fight."
Rep. Marlin Stutzman, one of the House GOP freshmen with strong tea party ties, defended the movement against criticism that it is keeping lawmakers from reaching an agreement.

"No matter how many times you try to put them down or call them names, the tea party movement and many others that share their views have had a monumental impact on the debt ceiling debate," the Howe Republican said on the House floor. "Know this: If left to its own devices, Washington would have completed just another 'perfunctory' raising of the debt ceiling or worse -- more taxes and more spending."
They're all spineless, total frauds masquerading as fiscal conservatives. This plan does absolutely nothing to reduce federal spending. Not one dime. Stutzman totally insults his tea party supporters by pretending to support them by claiming they "have had a monumental impact on the debt ceiling debate." So monumental, it has produced a vote on a measure that produces zero reduction in federal spending. They're all phonies. We're sick and tired of these people pretending to be serious about fiscal restraint and then they vote for more of the same continued reckless spending like drunken sailors.

UPDATE: The Redstate blog in a post labeled "Suckers" aptly describes what is about to play out as we near the deadline for raising the national debt ceiling:

As I called it. John Boehner now has the votes to pass his plan.
Harry Reid just declared that the only compromise that will pass will be his plan. “The only compromise there is — is mine,” he said.
Harry Reid will take John Boehner’s plan, insert all the Democrats’ demands, and send it back to the House daring the GOP to kill “the Boehner Plan.”
The Democrats will line up to vote for it.
It will pass.
I do believe someone predicted this would happen.
Congrats, House Conservatives.

UPDATE II: The House passed Boehner's pathetic plan to raise the debt ceiling by a 218-210 vote. All of Indiana's GOP congressmen voted for it. Only 22 Republicans stood up against the failed House Republican leadership in voting against the plan, including U.S. Rep. Michele Bachman and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul.


Cato said...

Party before country, Gary. Party above all else.

This is what it means to be a party.

It's also why they should be banned from the ballots.

Rico43 said...

The GOP knows how it will play in the media, Gary. They will be blamed despite the reality of the situation. I'm with you that the Boehner Bill is a smokescreen. It doesn't, however, raise taxes (yet). Let's face it, until Barry and Harry are out of power, this is all an exercise in futility.

Marycatherine Barton said...

They all need to read, WEB OF DEBT, by Ellen Brown, J.D.