Thursday, October 08, 2015

IU Bloomington's Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Suspended After Oral Sex Video Is Posted On Reddit

Past ATO President Tommy Paslaski in front of ATO House (Daily Student Photo)
An Indiana University fraternity plagued with problems in the past has been immediately suspended by university officials after a NSFW video showing a fraternity pledge performing oral sex on a stripper while other fraternity members and half-naked pledges cheered him on was posted on Reddit. IU officials tweeted notice of the suspension of Alpha Tau Omega late last night.

According to an Indiana Daily Student investigative report on ATO, the fraternity has a long history of problems at the fraternity house known as "The Party House," "AT Blow" and "AT Snow." The fraternity's president told the Daily Student it's not true pledges are required to do lines of coke and take dildos up their butt as part of their initiation into the fraternity.

One female student recently claimed she was raped at a "Menage a Tau" party, an annual event where fraternity brothers invite two dates who are required to wear only lingerie and are provided lots of alcohol. It's apparently a status symbol for a girl to be invited to attend this particular party at the IU campus dressed like a slut.

In 1992, a pledge nearly died from alcohol poisoning when he was forced to drink alcohol from a funnel until he threw up. The pledge, Dennis Jay, Jr., had a blood alcohol level of .48. The fraternity was kicked off campus for a period.

ATO almost got kicked off campus again in 2010 for serving alcohol to minors. At a 2012 homecoming party, a drunken girl attending a party at the ATO house was sent to the hospital. During "Sorority Week" another girl was sent to the hospital after attending an ATO party. During a "Welcome Week" party the following year yet another girl was sent to the hospital after attending a party there.

UPDATED: This didn't take long. ATO's national organization has shut it down and revoked its charter.


Eric Morris said...

Gary, which one is worse? Purdue giving into the Gestapo or some young men playing their role in the sexual revolution.

Anonymous said...

I hate frats as much as any normal, healthy person who doesn't need to buy friends, but come on.

Having fun with strippers is just good, wholesome fun that's an essential part of college and growing up.

There is massive anti-heterosexual repression occurring in the stifling colleges and universities.

College doesn't have the prestige it used to have, and our best and brightest, that is, young men, may find other avenues of education to give them the qualifications to start their careers.

College may be left to the liberals, the feminists and the weaklings, where they can all take Sociology and Gender Studies classes while real education occurs elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Good link, Eric. Mitch didn't get where he is by not being a Nazi.

Eric Morris said...

Anon 836, and the sad thing when I lived in corrupt Oregon I'd read about Mitch and him liking Hayek had me saying maybe government isn't absolutely corrupt. It took me about a month living here and stumbling on Gary's site about Pence's $100 million to IMS and reading his stories about Mitch that corrected my earlier thinking. I would assume many of the freaks at ATO will end up in positions of power, though.

Josh said...

At least no one jumped up and yelled "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pear Harbor?".

Anonymous said...

Yet another nail to hammer home my completed dislike of fraternities, and all of Greek life. Really, let's just go and ask all these guys mother's what they think of this??? Do they support this? Really???

Anonymous said...

I went to Purdue in the days of "Animal House". Yawn.

Btw, I would enjoy very much the opportunity to interview each and every one of their mothers, get their views on the topic!

Now then.....what if......we find out that 3/4ths of these MILFs have participated in the activity? Does that skew the results?

As opposed to you dorm dregs and your "sunday morning walk of shame".

You know......I've never done that.......what's it like? Ahahahahahahahahahahah!