Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kentucky Prosecutor: Powell Could Be Prosecuted For Human Trafficking

A Kentucky state prosecutor tells the Louisville Courier-Journal he will look at possibly charging Katina Powell, the woman Mickey Maurer's IBJ Publishing exploited for a tell-all book in which Powell implicates the Louisville Cardinals' basketball program of using her and other prostitutes, including her underage daughters, to provide sexual services to the basketball team's players and recruits. Andre McGee, the Cardinals' former director of operations whom Powell accused of hiring the services of her escort services, could also face charges as an accomplice if the facts laid out in the book Maurer paid former Indianapolis Star reporter Dick Cady to write for Powell can be corroborated.

The Commonwealth's prosecutor, Thomas Wine, said Powell's admissions alone in her book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," won't be sufficient to bring charges. If there is evidence corroborating her admission, Wine says he won't hesitate to bring charges. "If his office 'receives credible evidence of criminal activity involving minor children, we will vigorously prosecute those responsible for those crimes,'" Wine said. Suffice it to say, Powell may be using a substantial amount of the paltry 10% of revenues Maurer is sharing with her from the sale of her book on a criminal defense. The University of Louisville Police is working with the Louisville Police Department to review the allegations made in Powell's book.


Anonymous said...

Cady reminds of when duh Star actually had talent on the payroll. The story reminds of a bygone era when prosecutors actually prosecuted....both seem to be Indianapolis memories.

Anonymous said...

What a money grubbing scum bucket is this IBJ Publisher Mickey Maurer- making "a book deal from which he will pocket 90% of the revenues and Powell will receive a paltry 10% to destroy the career of Andre McGee"... I am willing to bet Mickey Maurer has a huge nose because the air is free.

Anonymous said...

State prosecutors should also be focused on fed human trafficking.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to give Maurer the benefit of the doubt, to look at what good could possibly come of this expose and I can't think of one way this tabloid trash can benefit anyone. It has already embarrassed IU. It will destroy McGee's career. Powell? 10%?

I want to thank you, Gary, for having the courage to post this in our little fiefdom. This city is as dirty as NOLA and that's saying something. One can only hope that karma finds people who think like this...and fast.

Anonymous said...

The Kentucky Prosecutor has his plate full for the next several years looking at University of Louisville before he can make it to the sex worker.

There's a Youtube video describing how prosecutors are abusing human trafficking laws to put sex work withing the reach of the laws, when consensual sex work and human trafficking are very different things.

The Prosecutor is just scum looking to protect his large local sacred cow, the type of abuse of the legal system that is commonplace in fascist America.