Sunday, October 04, 2015

U.S. Bombs Afghani Hospital, At Least 19 Dead

News reports describe an horrific scene after American military forces bombed a crowded hospital in Kunduz City, Afghanistan operated by Doctors Without Borders. The air strikes on the hospital killed at least 19 persons, including hospital staff and patients, while dozens more were injured in the attack. Patients were reportedly burned alive while lying in hospital beds in the hospital's intensive care unit. At least 12 of the dead were hospital staff.

The nonprofit group that runs the hospital complained the bombing of the hospital continued for nearly 30 minutes after U.S. and Afghani authorities were notified the hospital was being attacked. Gen. John Campbell claimed American forces had been under attack in the area and opposing forces were using the hospital for cover. Doctors Without Borders denied Taliban forces were using the hospital for cover. President Barack Obama offered condolences to the victims but stopped short of offering an apology.

The head of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, condemned the attack and renewed calls to scrutinize the American military's record of causing civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The UN chief wants a "thorough and impartial" investigation of the incident. The United Nations says nearly 20,000 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan since 2009 when the U.N. began keeping statistics. Nearly 33,000 civilians have been wounded in the fighting.


Eric Morris said...

Yet the mouth breathers will tell the pilots upon their return to the "Homeland" "Thank you for your service" and they will be feted as heroes during halftime of some Concussion Ball Game after doing a flyover during the National Hymn pre-game.

Anonymous said...

Eric Morris 12:42. The "pilots" and the "mouth breathers" are not the real problem here. I hope you know that, but I seriously question whether you do. Never miss an opportunity to attack your political enemies and reinforce the red-blue dichotomy, right? We'll leave it at that, Tool. I don't want to make your little Hoosier head explode.

Eric Morris said...

Anon 5:26: this may make your head explode:

I'm an anarcho-capitalist so don't play red-blue. And am proud enough of it to use my name. I've lived in Indiana less than 10% of my life. Does that make me a Hoosier?

Flogger said...

John Kerry and all the McMega-Media NEO-CONs have been all in a lather about Russian Airstrikes in Syria. Hell the USA has been using the Middle East and Afghanistan as an aerial gunnery and bombardment range since 2001. The USA and their puppets in the Middle East tried for one of the their color revolutions in Syria. It all backfired, with ISIS.

Josh said...

Yeah. Isis was created, funded, trained, armed, and is controlled by cia and western int agencies to grab the governments of any middle eastern nation that didn't want to play ball with the nwo. Turkey supplies isis with most of their supplies such as arms and isis also gets funding from several gulf states. When wall street forces attack isis positions, they attack empty desert or broken machine gun and artillery positions. Russia isn't playing and will take out isis. This will piss off wall street/nwo and ww3 will result.

Syria doesn't have a Rothschild bank (like Libya didn't before Gadaffi was toppled) and is not allowing a pipeline to be built that would lessen Europe's dependence upon Russian natural gas.

Gadaffi was going to unite north Africa with a common currency backed by gold. The cfr a month or two before he was toppled said he had to go, apparently Gadaffi didn't read the cfr magazine. Gadaffi was toppled and all his gold was stolen, kinda like how Ukraine's gold was stolen.

I think the only nations sans Rothschild central banks today are North Korea and maybe Venezuela. You can imagine what fate has in store for them.