Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Scott County Woman Accused Of Paying Hitmen With NASCAR Memorabilia To Kill Step-Father

A 69-year old Scott County man, Bill Reynolds, beat cancer but not his evil step-daughter according to the local sheriff's department. Reynolds' step-daughter, Johnetta Hall and two men, Jacob Mathis, 21, and Kerry Heald, 22, are accused of killing Reynolds at his Scott Count home on September 27, the same day he returned home after a several month hospital stay for the treatment of esophageal cancer.

According to Scott Co. Sheriff Dan McClain, police believe Hall hired Mathis and Heald to kill her step-father and paid them with NASCAR memorabilia Reynolds had collected so she and her mother could inherit Reynolds' property and his collection of more than a dozen classic cars.

Surveillance cameras captured Hall exchanging the NASCAR memorabilia with Mathis and Heald at a storage unit in Austin shortly after the killing allegedly took place. Hall had been seen earlier that day with the two men at a Circle K where she made a purchase and retained a receipt for purposes of establishing her own alibi. Reynolds' family believes more people were involved in the conspiracy, and Sheriff McClain said more charges are possible in the case.


Anonymous said...

She waited until dad was released from the hospital before killing him? How kind of her. Is this what y'all mean by Hoosier Hospitality?

Sir Hailstone said...

Only in Scott County could NASCAR memorabilia be considered currency/barter for a contact hit