Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Chicago's New FBI Head Plans To Target Public Corruption

Michael Anderson
Special Agent Michael J. Anderson (Times Picayune/Rusty Costanza Photo)
There's yet another reason for corrupt Illinois pols to relocate to Indiana to ply their trade here. The City of Chicago's FBI office has a new guy in charge who says the City is "target rich" when it comes to public corruption cases. "Chicago has always been in the forefront, unfortunately," Michael J. Anderson told the Chicago Tribune. "The corruption in Chicago is very diverse. Federal, state, municipal and law enforcement, you name it." Anderson comes to Chicago from New Orleans where he's been working the past three years.

Try to talk public corruption cases with our local FBI office in Indianapolis or the U.S. Attorney's Office. Their eyes roll as they essentially tell you to f _ _ _ off. They have more important things to do like tracking down pervs viewing child pornography that's easily accessible on the Internet. I'm really serious about this. These guys in Chicago don't realize how easy it is to operate organized crime rackets to defraud state and local taxpayers in Indiana. Some of the most powerful people in the state are a part of the racket, and as long as you're playing ball with the right folks, the sky is the limit. C'mon down. What are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Eventually Indiana is going to implode! The looters state is going to run out of victims. I fear that Indiana is going to descend into a third world state and eventually we will be no better than civilized anarchy!

Anonymous said...

Forget Chicago, start with Indianapolis.

LamLawIndy said...

Um...unlike Illinois, we don't have a $100 billion unfunded pension liability. We have right to work, school choice (though not as broad as I'd like), & a flat income tax rate. I'm not saying that all is perfect -- TIF districts, drug laws need reform or elimination -- but compared to Illinois we are miles ahead.

Anonymous said...

TIF districts are for TIF addicts.